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Valuation of Insurance Organizations

2023 Insurance Year in Review: Economic and World Tensions

2024-06-07 | Todd Fries

World macroeconomic and geopolitical trends created widespread uncertainty for the insurance industry. Todd Fries discusses the key drivers and how the hard market impacted these areas.

Leadership at All Levels

Breaking Down Construction Safety Silos

2023-11-17 | Tricia Kagerer

When companies disassemble silos, safety should go beyond standard inspections, observations, and incidents. Tricia Kagerer explains.


Harnessing Decisions for Quality and Safety in Construction

2023-09-01 | Stokes McIntyre

The key to a successful project is good decisions made by crews in the field. Stokes McIntyre explains.

Employee Well-Being

HR and Employment Law Support Workplace Mental Health

2023-06-16 | Sally Spencer-Thomas

Human resources (HR) departments, supported by employment law expertise, play a vital role in creating a mentally healthy work environment.

Valuation of Insurance Organizations

2022 Insurance Year in Review: Post-COVID-19

2023-05-31 | Todd Fries

Most sectors of the insurance industry continued to rebound from the impacts of the pandemic. Todd Fries discusses the key drivers and how the hard market impacted these areas.

Employee Well-Being

How To Create a Loneliness-Resistant Workplace

2023-04-21 | Sally Spencer-Thomas

We are facing a crisis of loneliness. Sally Spencer-Thomas looks at the problem, its ramifications, and possible solutions.

Employee Well-Being

Suicide Postvention at Work: What To Do after a Suicide Death

2023-04-07 | Sally Spencer-Thomas

Sally Spencer-Thomas provides advice for supporting those affected by the suicide death.

Valuation of Insurance Organizations

Property Insurers Face Unprecedented Challenges

2023-03-24 | Todd Fries

Todd Fries looks at the effects of war, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages on the property market.

Leadership at All Levels

Changing Landscape for Women in Construction

2023-03-10 | Tricia Kagerer

Tricia Kagerer and Taylor Mathews look at how the construction industry is changing as respects women in the industry.

Employee Well-Being

Why and How To Improve Psychological Safety in the Workplace

2023-03-03 | Sally Spencer-Thomas

Sally Spencer-Thomas defines psychological safety and explains why it matters and ways to improve it.