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Catastrophe Risk Management

Homeowners Law and Ordinance Coverage Challenges

2024-02-09 | John Putnam

John E. Putnam shares his experience from three Colorado wildfires.

Subcontractor Performance Risk

Construction Tech Adoption Trends

2024-01-26 | Cheri Hanes

Cheri Hanes explains these trends and how they are a necessary evolution to meet the growing demands and challenges in the construction sector.

Political Risk

How Insurers Can Become Climate Champions

2024-01-26 | Daniel Wagner

Do insurers have a role in promoting climate responsibility? Daniel Wagner believes they do.

Workplace Issues

20 Workers Comp Issues To Watch in 2024

2024-01-26 | Mark Walls, Kimberly George

Mark Walls and Kimberly George discuss essential issues for every risk manager and insurance professional to monitor in 2024.

Commercial Property Article Category

End of Silent Cyber in Property Insurance

2024-01-19 | Catherine L Trischan

The exposure for property damage due to a cyber event grows daily. Catherine Trischan looks at the exposures and possible solutions.

Claims Practices

Court Must Agree When Parties Agree to Appraisal

2024-01-19 | Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma relates a case involving appraisal of damages caused by Hurricane Ian.

Construction Safety

Construction Sites in 2050

2024-01-05 | TJ Lyons

TJ Lyons looks at construction methods and safety techniques now and in the future.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

Considerations on AI and Insurance

2023-12-20 | Mark Lanterman

Insurers need to develop strategic plans for using artificial intelligence (AI) to address advanced threats such as deepfakes. Mark Lanterman explains.


Preclusive Effect of an Arbitration Award in a Reinsurance Dispute

2023-12-20 | Larry Schiffer

Larry Schiffer examines what happens when an arbitration award has been issued and a subsequent dispute arises over the same reinsurance contract.

Design and Professional Liability

Strategies To Minimize Design Professional Liability Claims


American Global discusses strategies that should help to reduce or eliminate design claims on fixed-price design-build projects.