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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Matters

2024-07-19 | Chuck Baxter

Chuck Baxter discusses trademarks, copyright laws, patent rights, and trade secrets.

Claims Practices

Cyber-Security Policy Requires Direct Financial Loss

2024-07-19 | Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma relates a case where coverage was not triggered for a loss involving a phishing scam.

Leadership at All Levels

Intrepreneurism: Innovating a Large Legacy Organization

2024-07-12 | Rose Hall

Every business wants to innovate its thinking, strategy, and data. Rose Hall looks into ways to accomplish this.

Design and Professional Liability

Court Finds Necessary a Connection between Wrongful Conduct and Training

2024-07-12 | Kenneth A Slavens

Ken Slavens describes a 2024 case illustrating the importance of providing training to design employees and documenting compliance with professional standards.

Employee Well-Being

Supporting Mental Health Caregivers, Particularly Parents

2024-07-12 | Sally Spencer-Thomas

Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas recommends supporting employees who are parenting children with mental health conditions.

Employee Hiring, Development, and Retention

Emotional Intelligence Competencies of an Effective Leader

2024-07-05 | Mike Poskey

Mike Poskey shows how having certain abilities will set you on the right path to becoming an effective leader within your organization.

Employee Hiring, Development, and Retention

How To Hire Your Best Employees

2024-07-05 | Mike Poskey

Employee screening can reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, lower turnover, reduce insurance premiums, and decrease liability. Mike Poskey explains.

Employee Hiring, Development, and Retention

Myths of Behavioral Preemployment Testing

2024-07-05 | Mike Poskey

Integrating testing into your hiring process can increase retention and productivity and decrease the likelihood of employment practices lawsuits, per Mike Poskey.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

Recent Cyber-Security Reports and Managing Current Threats

2024-06-28 | Mark Lanterman

Mark Lanterman examines new findings on cyber security and discusses the conclusions and recommendations.

Construction Safety

Safer Alternatives to Killer Pulleys

2024-06-28 | TJ Lyons

TJ Lyons takes a hard look at conventional pulleys and their drawbacks and offers suggestions for options that get the job done without injuring construction workers.