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Leadership at All Levels

Breaking Down Construction Safety Silos

2023-11-17 | Tricia Kagerer

When companies disassemble silos, safety should go beyond standard inspections, observations, and incidents. Tricia Kagerer explains.

Liability Insurance

Claims-Made Policies—Timing Is Everything

2023-11-17 | Craig F Stanovich

Reporting provisions can be confusing, and the penalty for not properly reporting a claim can be severe. Craig Stanovich explains the intricacies.

Workers Compensation Issues

Technology Transformation in Workers Compensation

2023-11-13 | Mark Walls, Kimberly George

Now is the time to invest in technology tools, data science, and experts, according to Mark Walls and Kimberly George. Read why.

Subcontractor Performance Risk

Challenges of Construction Tech Adoption

2023-11-13 | Cheri Hanes

Sorting through technological solutions for construction risk is no easy task. Cheri Hanes looks at ways to approach technology adoption.

Builders Risk Insurance

ConsensusDocs Changes—Existing Buildings and Structures

2023-10-30 | Steven A Coombs

Steven Coombs discusses recent ConsensusDocs changes relating to builders risk insurance and their implications.

Design and Professional Liability

Rectification Claims: Creating the Proper Expectations

2023-10-30 | Jeff Slivka

Jeff Slivka looks at why most rectification claims take longer than expected to resolve.

Construction Safety

In Construction Safety, Focus on the Workers

2023-10-13 | TJ Lyons

Don't just lecture, interact with the workers. TJ Lyons provides some examples.

Design and Professional Liability

Design Liability: Professional Liability Insurance


American Global discusses the impact that the design-build projects' risk allocations and claims history have had on the professional liability insurance market.

Claims Practices

Insurer Has No Duty To Accept Absurd Settlement Offer

2023-10-12 | Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma relates a recent case where the insurer was under no legal duty to its insured to accept more than five times the policy limit.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Litigation Newsflash: LEG-3 Court Decision

2023-10-10 | Steven A Coombs

Steven Coombs relates a recent builders risk case and provides takeaways for insurers, brokers, and insureds.