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Catastrophe Risk Management

Collaborating To Prevent, Prepare for, and Recover from Wildfires

2024-05-17 | John Putnam

John Putnam examines the importance of grassroots strategies to address the risk of wildfires, including bringing stakeholders and agencies with wildfire experience together to combat the problem.

Design and Professional Liability

No Expertise, No Testimony on Architect's Standard of Care

2024-05-17 | Kenneth A Slavens

Relating a recent design liability case, Kenneth Slavens stresses the importance of making sure your expert truly is one when testifying on your behalf.

Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance

London (Still) Calling for US Healthcare Risks

2024-05-09 | Charles Kolodkin

Charles Kolodkin provides an update on the London healthcare professional liability insurance market.


The Law of Large Numbers

2024-05-03 | Gordon Thompson

Gordon Thompson reviews the underlying risk theories that support risk diversification by volume and by time, providing numerical examples.


Risk Distribution: A History and the Law of Large Numbers Fallacy

2024-05-02 | F Hale Stewart

Hale Stewart examines the origins of risk distribution and why the law of large numbers doesn't apply to insurance in the manner understood by the courts.

Builders Risk Insurance

Soft Costs and Rental Value Coverages Denied for Additional Named Insured

2024-04-26 | Steven A Coombs

A recent case reveals potential problems with a builders risk policy when issued to a project contractor. Steven Coombs explains.

Subcontractor Performance Risk

Building a Construction Sustainability Team

2024-04-26 | Cheri Hanes

Folding sustainability requirements into construction is not an insurmountable challenge and can present new opportunities, per Cheri Hanes.

Commercial Property

Matching Problem in Property Insurance Claims

2024-04-19 | Catherine L Trischan

Whether coverage applies depends on the policy language, state statutes and regulations, and common law. Catherine Trischan explains.

Political Risk

Climate Change and the Insurance Crisis

2024-04-03 | Daniel Wagner

As the occurrence of natural disasters continues to escalate, US insurers are responding by refusing to write coverage for them. Daniel Wagner looks at the problem and possible responses.

Design and Professional Liability

Optimizing Professional Protective Indemnity Coverage

2024-04-02 | Jeff Slivka

Protective indemnity coverage can be simply explained. But to truly understand this coverage part, you need to understand the details, per Jeff Slivka.