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Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

Data Retention Policies as Proactive Breach Mitigation

2023-10-06 | Mark Lanterman

Old file cabinets are no longer adequate. Mark Lanterman looks at questions employers should ask to determine how best to manage digital data storage.

Reinsurance 03

AI and Reinsurance

2023-10-06 | Larry Schiffer

Big data and predictive analytics have been used by the insurance and reinsurance markets for years. Larry Schiffer examines this latest trend.

Construction Quality

Measuring the Quality and Efficiency of Construction Projects

2023-09-01 | Peter G Furst

Peter Furst discusses methods of assessing productivity on construction sites.


Harnessing Decisions for Quality and Safety in Construction

2023-09-01 | Stokes McIntyre

The key to a successful project is good decisions made by crews in the field. Stokes McIntyre explains.

Catastrophe Risk Management

FAQs for Surviving Hurricane and Flood Losses

2023-09-01 | Robin K Olson

IRMI offers assistance in the form of informative tips for dealing with insurance claims.

Design and Professional Liability

Project-Specific Professional Liability for Design Build Projects

2023-09-01 | Jeff Slivka

Jeff Slivka outlines the three basic insurance program structures that should be considered.

Subcontractor Performance Risk

Sharpening the Focus on ESG

2023-08-25 | Cheri Hanes

Environmental, social, and governance has become a higher priority for more contractors, per Cheri Hanes.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

Washington My Health My Data Act: Definitions

2023-08-25 | Melissa J Krasnow

Melissa Krasnow discusses the definitions contained in the Washington data privacy and security law that went into effect July 23, 2023.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

Washington My Health My Data Act: Requirements and Exceptions

2023-08-25 | Melissa J Krasnow

In this second article on the new Washington data privacy and security law, Melissa Krasnow examines the Act's requirements and exceptions.

Additional Insured Issues

Fee Shifting in Florida—Not Gone for Everyone

2023-08-25 | Gregory Podolak

Gregory Podolak and Holly Rice discuss changes in legislation that impact attorney fee recovery of defense costs.