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Design and Professional Liability

Architect's Good Faith Avoids Tortious Interference Claim

2024-06-07 | Kenneth A Slavens

While the court held for the architect, Ken Slavens examines the flawed analysis and how the suit could have been avoided.

Courts and Coverage

Even More Confusion Regarding the "Damage to Property" Exclusion

2024-06-07 | David M Knapp

David Knapp relates decisions by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that only add to the confusion.

Valuation of Insurance Organizations

2023 Insurance Year in Review: Economic and World Tensions

2024-06-07 | Todd Fries

World macroeconomic and geopolitical trends created widespread uncertainty for the insurance industry. Todd Fries discusses the key drivers and how the hard market impacted these areas.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

New Jersey Privacy Law: Exceptions

2024-05-31 | Melissa J Krasnow

In the final article of the series, Melissa Krasnow identifies the exceptions to the law.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

New Jersey Privacy Law: Notices, Controllers and Processors, and Enforcement

2024-05-30 | Melissa J Krasnow

Looking deeper into the New Jersey privacy law, Melissa Krasnow examines aspects applicable to consumers' personal data.

Cyber and Privacy Risk and Insurance

New Jersey Privacy Law: Application, Definitions, and Consumer Rights

2024-05-29 | Melissa J Krasnow

In this three-part series, Melissa Krasnow discusses details of the New Jersey data privacy and security law.

Design and Professional Liability

No Expertise, No Testimony on Architect's Standard of Care

2024-05-17 | Kenneth A Slavens

Relating a recent design liability case, Kenneth Slavens stresses the importance of making sure your expert truly is one when testifying on your behalf.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Collaborating To Prevent, Prepare for, and Recover from Wildfires

2024-05-17 | John Putnam

John Putnam examines the importance of grassroots strategies to address the risk of wildfires, including bringing stakeholders and agencies with wildfire experience together to combat the problem.

Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance

London (Still) Calling for US Healthcare Risks

2024-05-09 | Charles Kolodkin

Charles Kolodkin provides an update on the London healthcare professional liability insurance market.


The Law of Large Numbers

2024-05-03 | Gordon Thompson

Gordon Thompson reviews the underlying risk theories that support risk diversification by volume and by time, providing numerical examples.