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Risk Financing and Captives

Eliminate Uncertainty about Risk Financing Alternatives

Risk financing refers to the financial methods and instruments an organization chooses to finance its recovery from accidental property and liability losses. The goal of risk financing is to achieve the least-cost coverage of an organization's loss exposures while ensuring post-loss financial resource availability.

IRMI can eliminate any uncertainty you may feel about which of the many risk financing alternatives is best for your organization or client, as well as offering invaluable insight for fine-tunning an existing program.

Featured Expert Commentary


Reinsurance Information Up for Grabs

June 21, 2024 | Larry Schiffer

Catastrophe Risk Management

Collaborating To Prevent, Prepare for, and Recover from Wildfires

May 17, 2024 | John Putnam

Catastrophe Risk Management

FAQs for Surviving Wildfire Losses—Texas 2024

March 05, 2024 | Robin K Olson


Sharpen your expertise in captive insurance with unique insights from industry leaders, actionable strategies, and practical resources., powered by IRMI expertise, provides guidance on captive operations, selecting service providers, and choosing a domicile. You'll also find quality educational content covering everything from Captives 101 to advanced topics addressing the nuances of captive operations.

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Risk Financing

An easy-to-use-and-understand reference explaining the various risk finance options for any organization's liability and workers compensation risks. It covers all the alternatives with cutting-edge analyses and explanations of traditional insurance rating plans and alternative market options. It will serve as your guide to all the steps necessary to perform a systematic evaluation of risk finance options from loss forecasting to net present value analysis of the alternatives.

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Captive Insurance Company Reports

This periodical educates captive practitioners on diverse captive topics and is packed with important news, commentary on trends and developments, and actionable recommendations for optimizing the benefits and performance of captive ownership or participation.

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Contractual Risk Transfer

A one-of-a-kind resource to help you draft rock-solid risk transfer and insurance clauses for construction contracts, leases, purchase orders, rental agreements, oil and gas drilling and production contracts, and many other contractual agreements. 

It empowers contract drafters with updated model clauses, discussions and summaries of relevant state statutes, and advice on a breadth of relevant topics and strategies to keep you informed and covered.

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Captives and the Management of Risk

This reference will help you understand what captive insurance is and why it is used in the risk management process. It reveals the types of risk that can be handled by captives, why captives can be effective as a risk management tool, tax and accounting considerations, how to determine if a captive is suitable, how to choose a domicile, and how to manage and operate a captive.

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Captive Practices and Procedures

This detailed guide explains how captive insurance is used and outlines the decisions and actions that must be made to structure and operate a captive insurance program that withstands market cycles. For the newcomer to captive insurance, there is also a new introduction that defines captive insurance and its purpose and provides an overview of the different types of captives.

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Free Report: The COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Implications for Captive Insurance

This in-depth report explores the challenges presented by today's business and economic upheaval, as well as the hard insurance market and what it means for the captive industry.

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50 Reinsurance Cases Every Risk Professional Should Know

This report analyzes the top 50 most important and noteworthy reinsurance coverage cases and their implications.

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Sound Advice for Contract Drafters: Fix Your Out-of-Date Insurance Requirements!

Too many business contracts include insurance clauses that use outdated, ambiguous, and misleading insurance terminology. The result is a contract provision that does not achieve its purpose and can lead to costly disputes or legal battles. With a little due diligence, these provisions can be updated to better protect the party imposing the requirements while reducing the burden on the party accepting them.

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Captive Wire

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IRMI Update

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