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Your Trusted Resource for Transportation Risk Management Expertise

The transportation industry is comprised of businesses engaged in the movement of people or property via road, rail, pipeline, air, or water as well as the supporting logistics and infrastructure that facilitate transportation. Managing the risks associated with the storage, movement, and delivery of people and goods is complex and presents numerous risks to both participants and the general public.

Transportation risk management requires expertise in the regulations, contracts, safety and loss control, and insurance coverage nuances that impact the transportation industry. IRMI is your trusted resource for transportation risk management and insurance expertise.

Featured Expert Commentary


Bobtail Coverage: The Never-Ending Battle between the Insurers for the Motor Carrier and the Owner-Operator

Gain an understanding of the types of nontrucking coverage available for owner-operators. Plus, learn the common scenerios that cause coverage disputes and strategies for mitigating or avoiding coverage disputes. 


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3 Things You Must Know about Form MCS-90

Join us for a deeper look at the Form MCS-90. The MCS-90 is a unique endorsement applicable to motor carriers. If you buy insurance for, sell insurance to, or underwrite insurance on commercial vehicles, check out this must-watch webinar. 


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Featured White Paper

Bobtail and Deadhead Coverage: Liability Insurance for Nontrucking Use (IFNTU)

Truckers have unique insurance needs. This white paper explores Insurance for Nontrucking Use (IFNTU) coverage, focusing on what IFNTU is, solutions for addressing the exposures of IFNTU, and the court decisions interpreting the scope of IFNTU.

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Other Popular White Papers

Effective Contractual Risk Transfer in Construction

This white paper provides a concise overview of strategies for improving the contractual risk transfer process from the point of view of both the risk transferor and the risk transferee. Both legal and insurance issues are addressed.

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Cyber Risk: Understanding How Multiple Insurance Policies Intersect

This report provides you with an overview of the 13 most common insuring agreements contained within cyber and privacy policies, key cyber-term definitions, a summary of alternative sources of coverage, and recommended strategies for coverage coordination.

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Additional IRMI Resources

Whether you are new to risk management and insurance or want to take the next step in your career, we can help you on the path to success.

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IRM Learning Center

IRMI has teamed up with WebCE to create a one-stop-shop for all of your risk management and insurance professional development and CE needs.

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Expand your network and elevate your expertise by attending one-of-a-kind events that bring together producers, insurers, and insurance buyers to learn from industry experts and each other.

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Showcase your specialized expertise and distinguish yourself from the competition. Earning an IRMI certification verifies your mastry of the unique exposures and complex insurance needs of specific industries and product lines.

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Build Your Transportation Risk Expertise

IRMI provides you with access to conferences, certification programs, and publications that will help you establish your specialized expertise. 

Earn Your Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional (TRIP) Certification

Power your career to the next level with the TRIP certification! TRIP provides you an opportunity to gain specialized expertise in transportation insurance and risk management. Completing the TRIP certification will increase the competence, confidence, and credibility of insurance professionals who buy, sell, or underwrite transportation insurance.

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Attend the IRMI Transportation Risk Conference (TRC)

IRMI TRC is the must-attend event for professionals who specialize in the unique challenges and nuances of transportation insurance and risk management. Dive in to hot-button topics focused on the unique challenges and nuances of transportation insurance and risk management.

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Find a Transportation Insurance Specialist

Looking for an insurance professional that specializes in the transportation industry? Our IRMI Certification Directory is a powerful online tool you can use to find someone with specialized risk management expertise by certification, location, or name.

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Featured Subscription Resources

These subscription resources, continually updated by IRMI Research Analysts, will provide you with the tools you need to effectively identify transportation exposures and properly insure them.

Transportation Insurance

Most businesses have a transit exposure, of some type or another. This topic reviews the different types of inland marine transportation insurance, including trip transit, annual transit, owners cargo, motor truck cargo, and contingent cargo insurance. Read more about transit exposures in Commercial Property Insurance.

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Motor Carrier Issues

The motor carrier industry is composed of those entities that transport goods, materials, commodities, or passengers by motor vehicle. Learn about industry issues, coverage requirements, and regulations related to motor carriers in Commercial Auto Insurance.

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The MCS-90 Book

The MCS-90 is a unique endorsement applicable to motor carriers. If you buy insurance for, sell insurance to, or underwrite insurance on commercial vehicles, you need this must-read reference to master the nuances and application of the federally mandated MCS-90 form.

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Political Risks in Transportation

Political risk, or the exercise of political power by a government, poses a significant threat to a company's value. Because of its global exposure, the transportation industry is especially susceptible to worldwide political risk. Read how an effective global risk management program can address political risks relevant to transportation in Practical Risk Management.

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Transportation Risks in Schools

Approximately 60% of all students in public schools use public transportation to get to and from school activities. The potential for injury to students and drivers as well as damage to property expose school districts to significant liability. Learn about the variety of ways schools seek to finance its transportation risks in Practical Risk Management

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Workers Compensation Issues in Maritime and Railroad Transportation

There are numerous federal workers compensation laws that cover maritime and railroad workers. Such employees are generally excluded from state workers compensation laws. Read more about these unique workers compensation exposures in IRMI Workers Comp.

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Flight Risks

A century ago, commerce and insurance were transformed when motor vehicles became widely available. A similar transformation is underway now as new types of aircraft, such as drones or flying taxis, are available to people who are not specialists in air transit. This issue of The Risk Report surveys prospects for the development of aircraft and aircraft insurance and directs readers to numerous resources on this topic that are available from IRMI.

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