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Surety 02

Surety Outlook and Underwriting Changes in Work-in-Progress


American Global looks at how the construction industry should combat inflationary pressures by maintaining surety relationships and capacity.

Surety 02

International Surety Bonds


It's important to obtain local knowledge about each surety market. American Global provides some advice.

Surety 02

Large Projects Underwriting: The Role of the Surety Bond Broker


Nancy Schnee of American Global explains the surety process and the importance of providing sureties ample time to underwrite.

Surety 02

Surety Bonds Explained


Ed Reilly provides a basic explanation of construction contract bonds, their financial requirements, and the ongoing market cycle.

Maritime Law

Obtaining Contribution for Maintenance and Cure

2022-01-13 | Michael A Orlando

Michael Orlando Jr discusses a Fifth Circuit case and its implications for maritime insureds and insurers.

Maritime Law

Streamlining Seaman Status in the Fifth Circuit

2021-06-05 | Michael A Orlando

Michael Orlando discusses a recent maritime case and its influence on the Jones Act's seaman status test.

Maritime Law

There's No Guarantee in Maritime Case

2021-02-24 | Michael A Orlando

There's No Guarantee in Maritime Case—Michael Orlando relates a case where a Sieracki seaman gets an $11.6 million award in a nonjury trial.

Maritime Law

Safe-Berth Clause in Vessel Charter Agreements

2020-07-03 | Michael A Orlando

Mike Orlando discusses Citgo Asphalt Refining Co. v. Frescati Shipping Co., Ltd., a case addressing consequences concerning a vessel oil pollution incident and safe-berth clauses in vessel charter agreements.

Maritime Law

What Constitutes a "Prevailing Party" in a Maritime Contract Dispute?

2020-03-20 | Michael A Orlando

What Constitutes a "Prevailing Party" in a Maritime Contract Dispute?—Mike Orlando discusses a case where neither party was the prevailing party.

Maritime Law

Summer in the Supreme Court: 2019 Maritime Update

2019-08-16 | Michael A Orlando

Michael Orlando discusses recent cases that provide much-needed clarity to maritime law.