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Commercial Liability

Comprehensive Analysis of Commercial General Liability Coverages

Commercial liability insurance encompasses a variety of coverage types that insure liability to third parties for specific types of injury for which the insured is legally responsible. Understanding the scope of coverage in each type of policy and knowing where modifications are needed, or when specialty niche products are needed, is crucial to ensuring all risks are adequately addressed.

IRMI analyzes these policies to explain coverage nuances, identify potential coverage gaps or limitations, and offer suggestions where appropriate for modifications.

Featured Expert Commentary

Design and Professional Liability

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May 17, 2024 | Kenneth A Slavens

Subcontractor Performance Risk

Building a Construction Sustainability Team

April 26, 2024 | Cheri Hanes

Design and Professional Liability

Optimizing Professional Protective Indemnity Coverage

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Featured Subscription Resources

These subscription resources, continually updated and vetted by IRMI research analysts, will provide you with the tools you need to effectively and efficiently stay up to date on commercial liability coverage issues.

Commercial Liability Insurance

The most detailed resource available on commercial general liability, owners and contractors protective liability, liquor liability, products completed operations liability, railroad protective liability, pollution liability, and umbrella liability insurance.

This resource includes a detailed, line-by-line interpretation of standard liability forms. Interpretation is based on court rulings, insurer claims guidelines, and best risk management practices.

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Contractual Risk Transfer

A one-of-a-kind resource to help you draft rock-solid risk transfer and insurance clauses for construction contracts, leases, purchase orders, rental agreements, oil and gas drilling and production contracts, and many other contractual agreements.

It empowers contract drafters with updated model clauses, discussions and summaries of relevant state statutes, and advice on a breadth of relevant topics and strategies to keep you informed and covered.

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The Additional Insured Book

The effective use of additional insured status as a risk transfer strategy is a complex but also valuable strategy in connection with a project or business relationship. The Additional Insured Book provides key insight and practical guidance on problems with standard endorsement forms, offers suggestions for modifying coverage to correspond with contractual risk transfers, and critiques the good and potentially troublesome areas of a number of manuscript additional insured endorsements in use.

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More Subscription Resources

Pollution Coverage Issues

With more than 800 court cases, this powerful reference gives you a bird's eye view of how all 50 states are ruling on issues such as coverage triggers, the known loss doctrine, and allocation.

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Claims Operations: A Practical Guide

Provides a comprehensive overview of how the claims process is handled, controlled, and managed, and its interrelationship with other functional departments.

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How to Draft and Interpret Insurance Policies

Guides you step by step through the process of interpreting or crafting policy language, from applying a basic coverage analysis to understanding advanced coverage issues.

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White Papers

Covering relevant industry topics, such as contractual risk transfer, bobtail and deadhead coverage, reinsurance, cyber risks, and more, IRMI white papers are full of actionable insights that you can immediately put to use.

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