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Terms and Conditions

There are three simple steps to obtaining and maintaining your IRMI certification.

  1. Complete the core curriculum, consisting of 5 online courses, within 60 months of starting the program.
  2. Complete 6 hours of continuing education (CE) credit within 12 months of obtaining the certification and every 12 months thereafter. You can earn CE credit by taking an online renewal course, attending an IRMI conference, or attending an approved third-party educational course.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions enumerated below. If you have any questions about the certification terms and conditions, please consult the certification FAQs for answers.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact WebCE at [email protected].

IRMI Certification Terms and Conditions

The Agribusiness Farm and Insurance Specialist (AFIS®), Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®), Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS®), Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®), Manufacturing Risk and Insurance Specialist (MRIS®), and Transportation Risk and Insurance Specialist (TRIP®) certifications are trademarks of IRMI and our rights to this mark are protected under the law. When you register for an IRMI certification program in the IRMI Learning Center, you agree to all the terms and conditions enumerated below. If you complete the certification core curriculum within 60 months of beginning it, you receive a revocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable, and royalty-free license to use the applicable certification trademark. All of the following terms and conditions apply to your certification and use of the certification mark:


  1. Immediately upon completion of a certification's five-part core curriculum, you are licensed to publish and announce that you are a holder of that certification and to display the applicable trademark in conjunction with your name for a period of 12 months.
  2. You may renew your license to use the IRMI certification for additional 12-month periods by completing at least 6 hours of online certification continuing education courses, attending an IRMI conference, or completing approved third-party seminars/conferences prior to the end of the initial 12 months or any subsequent 12-month license period. Your license expires on the day a license period ends without your having completed (and, if a third-party seminar or conference, notified us of completion) the required renewal continuing education and paid any applicable renewal fee.

Display of Your Certification

  1. Your display of an IRMI certification with your name will place a comma before the certification acronym, followed by the certification acronym in all capital letters without periods or other punctuation. For example:
    • Jane Doe, AFIS
    • John Doe, CRIS
    • Jane Doe, ERIS
    • John Doe, MLIS
    • Jane Doe, MRIS
    • John Doe, TRIP
  2. Your display of the IRMI certification on LinkedIn should be in the “Licenses and Certifications” section of your profile. You can easily update your LinkedIn profile by sharing your certification digital badge.
  3. Your display/mention of the IRMI certification in a résumé, biography, or similar document should be either simply the certification acronym or the acronym followed by the full certification name. Refer to the following examples.
    • AFIS or AFIS—Agribusiness Farm and Insurance Specialist
    • CRIS or CRIS—Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist
    • ERIS or ERIS—Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist
    • MLIS or MLIS—Management Liability Insurance Specialist
    • MRIS or MRIS—Manufacturing Risk and Insurance Specialist
    • TRIP or TRIP—Transportation Risk and Insurance Specialist
  4. Whenever the IRMI certification mark is displayed in a typeface larger than 12 points, place the registered trademark symbol ® or the trademark symbol TM in superscript to the right of the mark. Example: AFIS®, CRIS®, ERIS®, MLIS®, MRIS®, or TRIP®.

Revocation Of Your Certification

  1. In the event you fail to comply with any provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use or you fail to renew your certification by completing the required continuing education courses, IRMI immediately revokes your license to use the certification mark as provided for herein, and you shall immediately discontinue using the certification trademark, destroy any business cards or other printed materials showing the certification mark, and cease claiming to be a holder of the certification.
  2. In the event your license to use the IRMI certification expires because you fail to renew it by completing the required continuing education courses, you can reinstate your certification by completing a renewal course within 12 months after expiration. If your certification remains expired for more than 12 months, you must complete the core curriculum to again earn the right to use the IRMI certification.
  3. You agree that IRMI may revoke your certification in the event of any of the following.
    • You are convicted of a felony.
    • You are convicted of any state or federal crime related to insurance.
    • You have an insurance license revoked due to violation of a state insurance code or statue.
    • You display a pattern of unethical, illegal, or immoral behavior that reflects negatively on the IRMI certification.
  4. In the event IRMI revokes your certification, IRMI will email notification to the email address associated with your IRMI Learning Center account and send a registered letter to the postal address on record in the IRMI Learning Center. Your license to use the certification expires 3 business days after the registered letter is mailed whether or not you receive the letter or email message.
  5. In the event IRMI revokes your certification, you may at any time appeal the revocation by contacting IRMI in writing and stating your reasons why you feel you should be allowed to use the certification. You agree that IRMI's decision regarding your appeal is binding and final.


  1. You agree that the official mode of communication regarding the status of your certification is email and/or the IRMI Learning Center website. You agree to keep your email address current in the IRMI Learning Center and to periodically check the IRMI Learning Center website for announcements concerning your certification.
  2. You specifically grant IRMI and WebCE permission to send you emails informing you of the status of your certification, new course offerings, approval of seminars and conferences for certification continuing education credit, and other important information regarding your certification. Except as respects official notices concerning your certification, this agreement does not override our privacy statement, which protects you from other uses of your contact information.

Ownership and Copyright

  1. You acknowledge IRMI's sole ownership of the certification, and all associated goodwill, and that IRMI retains all right, title, and interest in and to the trademark. You will not use the certification in any manner that will diminish or otherwise damage our goodwill in the certification. You will not adopt, use, or register any corporate name, trade name, trademark, domain name, service mark, certification mark, or other designation or certification that violates IRMI's rights in the AFIS, CRIS, ERIS, MLIS, MRIS,  or TRIP certification. IRMI shall have the sole right to and in its sole discretion may control any action concerning the display of the certification trademarks.
  2. You agree that, except when indicated otherwise in the course, the copyrights to all certification courses are the property of International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), and that you will not contest the validity or ownership of the copyrights to any certification courses.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. You agree that IRMI may change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the changes on the IRMI Learning Center website and emailing a notice that they have been changed to the email address you have on record with us in the IRMI Learning Center.