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Workers Compensation

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Workers compensation laws exist in most states to ensure that injured employees receive proper medical care and a portion of lost wages. Most employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance, but states have different criteria as to acceptable financing options. Whatever method is chosen, it is imperative that those paying benefits stay on top of what states require, what they allow, and the prescribed benefits injured workers are owed.

IRMI is your trusted source for staying on top of issues that create exposures for employers, the coverage provided in standard policies, and emerging issues and changes in state statutes, exceptions, and benefit levels.

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IRMI Workers Comp

Contains strategies, tactics, solutions, and information on most aspects of workers compensation law and insurance. This one-stop source for state-specific statutes will help you analyze exposures, determine the coverages needed to provide the level of protection any type of organization needs, quickly understand the most important aspects of each state's act, place coverage in the residual marketplace or in a monopolistic state fund, and develop effective cost containment programs.

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Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment

Whether you are seeking to overhaul your own workers compensation program or help a client fine-tune an already effective program, Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment gives you insight and solutions for controlling or even reducing workers compensation costs and premiums.

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Additional IRMI Resources

Comprehensive solutions to help you answer questions quickly and correctly.

Cancellation Guide

A tool to help insurance and risk management professionals keep up with state laws that pertain to cancellation or nonrenewal of an insurance policy.

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Classification Cross-Reference

This handy tool is a must-have for anyone involved with determining the correct workers compensation or general liability codes. It is quick and easy to use when matching workers comp class codes to the appropriate CGL class code, SIC code, or NAICS code.

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The Risk Report

Provides analysis and interpretation of the latest innovations in insurance coverage and risk management practices, coverage and risk management strategies, and updates on emerging loss exposures.

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Workers Comp Resource Directory

To make your job easier, IRMI has compiled an extensive library of links to third-party workers compensation resources.

State Workers Comp Administrative Agencies

State Workers Comp Rating and Statistics Bureaus 

State Workers Comp Assigned Risk Plans and Pools 

State Workers Comp Competitive State Funds