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Liability Insurance

Claims-Made Policies—Timing Is Everything

2023-11-17 | Craig F Stanovich

Reporting provisions can be confusing, and the penalty for not properly reporting a claim can be severe. Craig Stanovich explains the intricacies.

Workers Compensation Issues

Technology Transformation in Workers Compensation

2023-11-13 | Mark Walls, Kimberly George

Now is the time to invest in technology tools, data science, and experts, according to Mark Walls and Kimberly George. Read why.

Workers Compensation Issues

Improving Total Cost of Risk in an Evolving Workforce

2023-08-11 | Joe Galusha

New approaches are key to addressing the needs of a workforce that's older and less healthy. Joe Galusha explains.

Workers Compensation Issues

The Pandemic—Lessons Learned

2023-04-28 | Joe Galusha

In a follow up to "Pandemic Decision-Making," Aon provides examples of how organizations faced and overcame workforce challenges posed by COVID-19.

Workers Compensation Issues

20 Workers Comp Issues To Watch in 2023

2023-01-27 | Mark Walls, Kimberly George

Mark Walls and Kimberly George examine problem areas to monitor in 2023.

Liability Insurance

Coverage Challenges in CGL Insuring Agreements

2023-01-20 | Craig F Stanovich

Craig Stanovich clarifies some of the trickiest commercial general liability (CGL) provisions, including loss scenarios to help illustrate and clear up common confusion.

Liability Insurance

The Auto Exclusion in the CGL Policy

2022-09-01 | Craig F Stanovich

Craig Stanovich explains how it is designed to eliminate coverage for bodily injury or property damage customarily covered by a commercial auto policy.

Liability Insurance

Do Trade Names Limit CGL Coverage?

2022-07-22 | Craig F Stanovich

Craig Stanovich relates a recent Massachusetts case that appears to restrict named insured coverage.

Liability Insurance

Top 10 Problems with Follow-Form Coverage

2022-04-01 | Richard J Scislowski

Follow-form provisions sometimes doanything but. IRMI reviews the problems most likely to arise for averagepolicyholders.

Liability Insurance

Subsidence Exclusion in the CGL Policy

2022-03-16 | Craig F Stanovich

Courts are divided as to the application of this provision. Craig Stanovich looks at the case law.