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The energy industry is comprised of a wide range of activities, such as oil and gas exploration and production, production of electricity from solar, wind, and other clean energy sources, as well as the storage and supply of products through complex infrastructure networks. Energy industry activities create major risks to property and personnel and can result in significant liabilities.

Insurance and risk management professionals require detailed, focused information to advise or help their energy industry clients adequately assess and insure the risks associated with a particular project. IRMI is the most trusted and comprehensive source of information focusing on the risk management and insurance needs of the energy industry.

Featured Expert Commentary

Catastrophe Risk Management

Collaborating To Prevent, Prepare for, and Recover from Wildfires

May 17, 2024 | John Putnam

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FAQs for Surviving Wildfire Losses—Texas 2024

March 05, 2024 | Robin K Olson

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Homeowners Law and Ordinance Coverage Challenges

February 09, 2024 | Aaron E Lunt

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Webinar: Demystifying Renewable Energy for Risk and Insurance Professionals

The pace and scale of change in the US energy transition is contributing to the rapid evolution of associated risks. This session is aimed at bridging the gap for professionals familiar with traditional energy, but newer to renewable energy.


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FREE WHITE PAPER: The Energy Industry’s Risk Management Challenge: 3 Challenges That Can’t Be Ignored

Of all the risks faced by the world’s energy companies, three present a unique challenge: geopolitics, cyber risk, and artificial intelligence. This report explores these critical risks impacting the energy industry and suggests strategies for managing them.

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Featured Subscription Resources

IRMI subscription resources are continually updated by our expert Research Analysts and provide you with the tools you need to effectively identify and insure energy industry risks.


Energy Exploration and Production Overview

The process of oil and gas exploration and production involves several different players and types of contracts. This section provides a broad-brush review of the steps involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas, from the time the idea to drill for oil or gas is conceived until the product passes into the pipeline. Learn more about the roles and contracts specific to the oil and gas industry in Contractual Risk Transfer.

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Pollution Coverage Issues

This resource will save you untold hours scouring treatises, law review articles, and caselaw to determine the status of coverage for long tail environmental claims under the 1973 and post-1986 editions of the ISO CGL. 

With more than 800 court cases, this powerful reference gives you a bird's eye view of how all 50 states are ruling on issues such as coverage triggers, the known loss doctrine, and allocation.

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Practical Risk Management

Learn about risk management in the gas and electric utility industry. This topic reviews property, liability, and workers compensation loss exposures found in many energy companies. It also offers methods used to manage these exposures and service firms that assist utilities with risk. 

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Additional IRMI Subscription Resources

Comprehensive solutions to help you answer questions quickly and correctly

Workers comp icon orange circle with white and blue crutches

IRMI Workers Comp

Determine the coverages needed to provide the level of protection any type of organization needs, quickly understand the most important aspects of each state's act, place coverage in the residual marketplace or in a monopolistic state fund, and develop effective cost containment programs.

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Commercial Liability Insurance

The most detailed resource available on commercial general liability, owners and contractors protective liability, liquor liability, products completed operations liability, railroad protective liability, pollution liability, and umbrella liability insurance.

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The Risk Report

Provides analysis and interpretation of the latest innovations in insurance coverage and risk management practices. Use this information to reinforce client trust, stay knowledgeable on important coverage and risk management strategies, and keep up with emerging loss exposures.

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Build Your Energy Risk Management Expertise

Earn Your Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS) Certification

The Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS®) continuing education program provides insurance agents, brokers, customer service representatives, underwriters, adjusters, and in-house risk managers or insurance buyers with specialized expertise in energy insurance and risk management. Completing the ERIS certification will ensure that you understand the most important insurance needs of the energy industry.

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Attend the IRMI Energy Risk and Insurance Conference (ERIC)

Join leading energy risk management and insurance professionals at the IRMI Energy Risk & Insurance Conference (ERIC). You’ll take away proven strategies for insuring the complex exposures of energy risks and tactics for fine-tuning risk management programs to control your costs.

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Find an Energy Insurance Specialist

Looking for an insurance professional that specializes in the energy industry? Our IRMI Certification Directory is a powerful online tool you can use to find someone with specialized risk management expertise by certification, location, or name.

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Energy Risk Thought Leadership 2020

In this white paper, energy risk management and insurance leaders and innovators share their insights on key issues facing the industry, including auto and fleet risks, new insurance program structures, cyber risk, and the outlook for hydraulic fracturing.

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