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Catastrophe Risk Management

Homeowners Law and Ordinance Coverage Challenges

2024-02-09 | John Putnam

John E. Putnam shares his experience from three Colorado wildfires.

Catastrophe Risk Management

FAQs for Surviving Hurricane and Flood Losses

2023-09-01 | Robin K Olson

IRMI offers assistance in the form of informative tips for dealing with insurance claims.


Silly Insurance Requirements Lead to Bogus Insurance Certificates

2023-01-27 | David Dybdahl

Be vigilant for outdated wording. David Dybdahl explains what to look for.

Regulation and Compliance

How Are Commercial Service Contracts Regulated?

2022-12-01 | Aaron E Lunt

Aaron Lunt discusses the key considerations in determining how states regulate business service contracts.

Regulation and Compliance

New Enhancements to Auto Service Contract Laws

2022-06-15 | Aaron E Lunt

Aaron Lunt examines the legislative status of auto protection products.


How COVID-19 Changed the Commercial Cleaning Business

2021-06-18 | David Dybdahl

Early indications are that change is coming in providing insurance. David Dybdahl relates the history and prognosis.


Managing the Risks of Resiliency-Related Services

2021-03-26 | David Dybdahl

In light of winter storms, restoration and reconstruction are critical. David Dybdahl looks for coverage.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Dealing with Winter Storm Damage

2021-02-19 | Robin K Olson

In light of the devastating storms that hit the United States, IRMI is providing advice on what damage is covered and tips on filing insurance claims.

Claims Management 03

The Dilemma of Insuring Virus Claims

2021-01-15 | Christopher E Mandel

The Dilemma of Insuring Virus Claims—It's going to take risk mitigation strategies as well as risk transfer, per Chris Mandel.


Proactively Manage COVID-19 Risks in the Built Environment

2021-01-08 | David Dybdahl

David Dybdahl addresses the hype, hoopla, hazard, and risk.