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Recent IRMI Podcast Episodes


Birds Eating Your Profits?

In this 13-minute podcast episode, IRMI Chief Content Officer Joel Appelbaum and wildlife biologist for Migratory Bird Management Vanessa Williams discuss the implications to farmers of migratory birds. Ms. Williams shares how Migratory Bird Management performs wildlife mitigation to keep birds away from runways, so planes don't strike them. But there are also significant agricultural implications for wildlife management. Learn about this highly interesting risk management technique that impacts the agricultural industry.


Keys to Avoiding Catastrophic Fleet Verdicts

"Nuclear" verdicts have put intense strain on contractors and their insurance companies, and vehicle accidents are a common source of these claims. Contractors must be diligent in following best practices to reduce fleet-related losses. In this 15-minute episode of IRMI Podcast, Carl Heinlein of ACIG shares 5 keys to reducing the potential for a catastrophic verdict.


Marnye Langer Talks Horses

This podcast episode is a 10-minute SnapTalk presented by Marnye Langer, president and CEO of The Langer Group, which specializes in all aspects of the equestrian industry including insurance. Ms. Langer previews "Trends in the Equine Market," her session at the 2024 IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference (AgriCon) events. Ms. Langer provides important insight into why it's critical that agents and underwriters alike understand the exposures and complexities a commercial equine risk entails. If you missed this terrific presentation at the 2024 IRMI AgriCon West held recently in San Mateo, California, you've got another chance to be a part of the discussion. Join us for 2024 IRMI AgriCon Central September 9–11 in Des Moines, Iowa; registration is still open!


From Tragedy to Hope: Changing Lives One Kid at a Time

A workplace fatality happens every 96 minutes in the United States. These events have a life-shattering impact on a worker's family. Since 1988, Kids' Chance has provided hope for more than 10,000 children of workers who suffered a serious injury or fatality by providing scholarships that help them pursue their dreams. In this 23-minute episode, learn about this inspiring organization's mission and hear from a Kids' Chance scholar about how the help provided changed the trajectory of her life.

Please share this episode with your colleagues and employers and visit the Kids' Chance website to help raise awareness of this vital resource.

Learn More about Kids' Chance | Kids' Chance of America (