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Commercial Property

Matching Problem in Property Insurance Claims

2024-04-19 | Catherine L Trischan

Whether coverage applies depends on the policy language, state statutes and regulations, and common law. Catherine Trischan explains.

Commercial Property

End of Silent Cyber in Property Insurance

2024-01-19 | Catherine L Trischan

The exposure for property damage due to a cyber event grows daily. Catherine Trischan looks at the exposures and possible solutions.

Property Insurance

Insurable Interests and Interests Insured in Property Insurance

2023-12-12 | William K Austin

William Austin uses a matrix approach to exposure identification for commercial property insurance.

Property Insurance

Responding to the Current Underinsurance Problem

2022-07-15 | Linda G Robinson

Have you overlooked the effect of recent economic problems on your insurable values and property insurance limits? IRMI offers guidance.

Time Element

Quantum of Loss: Understanding Bias in Business Interruption Claims

2021-08-18 | Daniel Torpey

All parties in the claims process may be subject to potential bias. Dan Torpey examines how to deal with that bias to effectively settle the claim.

Property Insurance

Commercial Property Policies Generally Cover Loss Due to Riots

2020-07-03 | Linda G Robinson

First pandemic, now riots! Is your business covered under its commercial property policy? How is the loss calculated? IRMI provides insight.

Property Insurance

COVID-19—When Civil Authorities Take over, Are You Covered?

2020-03-27 | Douglas Berry

When civil authorities take over, does your insurance apply? Doug Berry looks at this crucial question.

Time Element Commercial Property Topics

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Income Losses—Are They Covered?

2020-03-20 | Linda G Robinson

Are business income losses related to COVID-19 covered by a commercial property policy? The direct physical loss or damage requirement and virus exclusion argue against coverage.

Time Element

Contingent Business Interruption: Getting All the Facts

2019-04-19 | Daniel Torpey

Today's risk managers look to contingent business interruption (CBI) insurance to soften the financial impact of events outside their control. Daniel Torpey explains what it is and what it does.

Property Insurance, Time Element

Property Insurance: Coinsurance

2018-11-16 | William K Austin

Coinsurance provisions, prevalent in many policy forms, are often misunderstood. William Austin clears up the misconceptions.