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Catastrophe Risk Management

FAQs for Surviving Hurricane and Flood Losses

2023-09-01 | Robin K Olson

IRMI offers assistance in the form of informative tips for dealing with insurance claims.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Understanding ChatGPT

2023-07-07 | Brenda Powell Wells

Brenda Powell Wells examines this artificial intelligence engine and how students can use it and abuse it.

Current Trends and Issues

In Search of Standards for Totaled Auto Claims Software

2022-09-01 | Tim Ryles

When it comes to setting standards for the use of computer technology in insurance, Tim Ryles points to the lack of regulator ability to adequately do so.

Current Trends and Issues

Understanding the Estimatics of Settling Total Vehicle Claims

2022-08-11 | Tim Ryles

Introducing the wrong statistical technique can skew auto valuation. Tim Ryles explains.

Current Trends and Issues

Auto Markets and Settlement of First-Party Totaled Vehicle Claims

2022-07-29 | Tim Ryles

Introducing the wrong statistical technique can skew auto valuation. Tim Ryles explains.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

The Value of a Mentoring Program

2021-05-07 | Brenda Powell Wells

The Value of a Mentoring Program—Dr. Brenda Wells looks back at the mentors that served her well and advises companies to formulate mentoring plans.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Dealing with Winter Storm Damage

2021-02-19 | Robin K Olson

In light of the devastating storms that hit the United States, IRMI is providing advice on what damage is covered and tips on filing insurance claims.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Musings of a Socially Distanced Professor: New Habits

2020-05-08 | Brenda Powell Wells

Musings of a Socially Distanced Professor: New Habits—During this pandemic, jobs are changing. Dr. Brenda Wells relates her situation.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

COVID 19: Learning, Graduation, and the Job Search

2020-05-01 | Brenda Powell Wells

COVID-19: Learning, Graduation, and the Job Search—Those who have graduated, or are about to, face significant challenges. Dr. Brenda Wells provides support.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

A Follow Up: Dressing Professionally

2020-04-03 | Brenda Powell Wells

A Follow Up: Dressing Professionally—To suit or not? Dr. Brenda Wells relates comments from readers on the necessity of wearing a suit when interviewing.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Ghost Building: What Is It, and How Do You Insure One?


Learn how to identify and handle ghost buildings, a traditionally overlooked risk in construction, in this article by Swiss Re.

Catastrophe Risk Management

FAQs for Surviving Tornado Losses

2019-11-01 | Robin K Olson

IRMI offers information about dealing with tornado insurance claims.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

To Dress or Not—Is Professional Attire Outdated?

2019-07-12 | Brenda Powell Wells

To Dress or Not—Is Professional Attire Outdated?—For new graduates seeking employment, are suits necessary? Dr. Brenda Powell Wells wonders.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Winning the Millennial Talent War

2019-06-07 | Brenda Powell Wells

Winning the Millennial Talent War—Want to solve your problems with millennial retention? Brenda Wells says to follow these four steps.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Natural Catastrophe Management

2019-05-03 | Joe DiRubbo

The risk of a natural catastrophe and secondary perils is a big one. Joe DiRubbo examines the issues.

Current Trends and Issues

Disclosing Policy Limits in Liability Claims: a Landmine for Bad Faith

2019-04-12 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles asks whether failure to provide personal policy limits information in the absence of litigation establishes a case for bad faith.

Insurance Careers

Becoming a Great Risk Manager

2019-02-08 | Jill B Brooks

Part of our career advice series, this article provides strategies to become a great risk manager.

Insurance Careers

Hone Your Communication Skills

2019-01-11 | Brenda Powell Wells

Part of our career advice series, this article explains how effective communication skills drive your success.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Look Beyond Grades When Hiring RMI Graduates

2019-01-11 | Brenda Powell Wells

Look Beyond Grades When Hiring RMI Graduates—References, integrity, and initiative may matter more, per Dr. Brenda Powell Wells.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Implementing Natural Hazard Resilience throughout a Large Organization

2018-11-30 | Nathan C Gould

Implementing Natural Hazard Resilience—Nathan Gould explains the importance of developing a natural hazard design standard to increase facility and operational resilience.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Selling Risk and Insurance as a Major

2018-11-30 | Brenda Powell Wells

Selling Risk and Insurance as a Major—Overcome the negative impression of insurance to students with tips from Dr. Brenda Wells.

Career Advice

An Effective Mentor: A Powerful Career Development Tool

2018-11-12 | Brenda Powell Wells

Part of our career advice series, this article explains how having a mentor can be one of the biggest keys to your success.

Insurance Careers

Embrace Continuous Learning and Get Certified

2018-06-29 | Brenda Powell Wells

Embrace continuous learning, follow a continuing education plan, and obtain an insurance designation to ensure career success.

Insurance Careers

Use Social Media Wisely

2018-06-29 | Brenda Powell Wells

Part of our career advice series, this article explains social media mistakes to avoid and suggests ways to use it to enhance your career prospects.

Current Trends and Issues

Noneconomic Costs of Flood Insurance in a Regulatory Minefield

2018-06-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles looks at the history and controversy surrounding federal programs and the noneconomic costs of flood insurance.

Current Trends and Issues

Fair Claims versus the Property Insurance Mortgage Clause

2018-05-04 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles examines the property insurance mortgage clause and the problems it presents to the mortgagee.

Insurance Careers

Be Proud You Are a Risk Professional

2018-05-04 | Brenda Powell Wells

The important role insurance plays in protecting people and property is why risk professionals should be proud of their work.

Insurance Careers

Beware of Biased or Outdated Information

2018-04-13 | Brenda Powell Wells

This article discusses the importance of accurate and current insurance knowledge and the need to check out sources before relying on them.

Insurance Careers

Build a Powerful Professional Network

2018-03-09 | Jack P Gibson

This article provides practical advice for building a network of risk professionals that can help you achieve career success.

Current Trends and Issues

The History of Ethical Principles and Insurance

2018-02-09 | Tim Ryles

Dr. Tim Ryles takes a look backward to explain where we are now regarding ethics and insurance.

Environmental Risk Management

Desire To Protect Assets Drives CPL Buyers

2018-02-02 | Jeff Slivka

Desire To Protect Assets Drives CPL Buyers—Purchases are expected to rise over the next 2 to 3 years, per Jeff Slivka.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Multi-Hazard Design to Improve Facility Resilience

2017-10-13 | Nathan C Gould

Multi-hazard Design To Improve Facility Resilience—When building, consider strengthening building codes, advises Nathan Gould.

Current Trends and Issues

Insurance Is "Affected with a Public Interest"

2017-08-04 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles discusses the adaptation of this second pillar of insurance ethics.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

A Hiring Fairy Tale: Due Diligence in Hiring New College Graduates

2017-04-07 | Brenda Powell Wells

Relating a fairy tale, Brenda Wells shows the problems that can result when hiring without proper preparation.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Obtaining the Right Builders Risk Insurance Coverage

2016-02-05 | Christopher M Brophy, David G Jordan

You're building an office building, residential complex, hotel, or multi-use construction project for an estimated cost of $120 million, and your lender says it wants $120 million of insurance coverage for wind storm, flood, and other perils. But wait—is that amount suitable for the project?

Current Trends and Issues

Just What Does "Amount of Loss" Amount to in Appraisal Clauses? (Part 3)

2014-12-01 | Tim Ryles

Arbitration and appraisal have similarities but are fundamentally distinct. Dr. Tim Ryles examines specific language and court interpretations.

Current Trends and Issues

In Praise (or Not) of the Appraisal Clause in Homeowners Policies (Part 2)

2014-11-01 | Tim Ryles

Considering the web of delay inherent in the appraisal process, Tim Ryles wonders who benefits.

Current Trends and Issues

Appraisal Clause in Homeowners Policies

2014-10-17 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles compares these provisions in four insurers' policies, pointing out how each handles the issue.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Insurance Considerations in Operational Resilience

2014-08-01 | Christopher M Brophy

Christopher Brophy examines the practical considerations for recovery planning and how well the insurance program melds.

Market Practices

Looking at HOA Risks

2014-04-01 | Peter Polstein

Pete Polstein looks at home owners' association and master association entity risks.

Risk Management A Systemic Approach

Cockpit Boredom: A Risk All Managers Face

2014-02-01 | Vernon Leslie Grose

It is possible to systematically identify, evaluate, rank, and control even such obscure or subtle risks as boredom! Dr. Vernon Grose explains.

Current Trends and Issues

Judicial Estoppel and Insurance Claims

2013-11-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles explains the relationship and why it deserves attention.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Covering Sinkhole Losses

2013-09-01 | Christopher M Brophy

Christopher Brophy describes the scope of sinkhole losses and available coverage.

Market Practices

A Brief Look at Insuring Small Municipalities

2013-09-01 | Peter Polstein

Smaller risks often require special considerations. Peter Polstein takes a look at insuring these risks.

Risk Management A Systemic Approach

Reversing Risk Roles

2013-07-20 | Vernon Leslie Grose

Instead of being an adversary to line managers, Dr. Vernon Grose suggests that risk managers assume a radically different role as a resource.

Current Trends and Issues

New Issues in the Marketing of Producer Errors and Omissions Insurance

2013-03-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles provides examples of recent misleading sales and marketing practices.

Current Trends and Issues

Risk Purchasing Groups: A Fictitious Grouping for Illusory E&O Coverage?

2013-03-01 | Tim Ryles

Too much state regulation may stifle innovation for errors and omissions (E&O) policies, warns Dr. Tim Ryles, but too much flexibility may foster deception.

Risk Management A Systemic Approach

Organizing the Disorganized

2013-03-01 | Vernon Leslie Grose

Dr. Vernon Grose looks at why management is so often excluded from the boardroom.

Current Trends and Issues

Resources for Identifying Standards of Conduct for Insurance Producers

2012-10-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles looks at occupational standards of entry and retention, and relevant ethical codes.

Current Trends and Issues

So You Think You Are a Professional: the Judicial Model of an Insurance Producer's Professional Status

2012-05-01 | Tim Ryles

The judicially imposed standard of care, writes Tim Ryles, cheapens the role of insurance providers.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Catastrophic Chemical Industry Losses—Structuring Coverage and Maximizing Recovery

2012-01-01 | Christopher M Brophy

Maximizing insurance coverage after a catastrophic loss is especially complex for chemical producers. Chris Brophy elaborates.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Building the Right Builders Risk Policy

2011-10-01 | Christopher M Brophy

Construction catastrophes can doom a business. Christopher Brophy explains how builders risk insurance, properly designed, can save the firm.

Insurance Archaeology

Proving Renewal Policy Language of Missing Insurance Policies

2011-09-24 | Douglas Talley

Using standard industry forms and secondary evidence, Doug Talley explains that missing insurance policies can be reconstructed.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Truly Understanding Millennials

2011-09-01 | Brenda Powell Wells

Insurance and risk management higher education scene is filled with Millennials, but what do they bring to the table? ( article).

Current Trends and Issues

Tennessee Supreme Court Deals Blow to "Duty to Read" and Broadens Agent Liability

2011-07-01 | Tim Ryles

In a recent case detailed by Dr. Tim Ryles, agents are labeled experts and are held to a higher standard.

Risk and Insurance History

The History of Proximate Causation

2011-07-01 | Richard J Scislowski

Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, and Aristotle can provide guidance on how courts have viewed causation under first-party property policies.

Insurance Archaeology

Proving Standard Policy Language of Missing Insurance Policies

2011-06-01 | Douglas Talley

Doug Talley shows how a policyholder can prove the policy language of a missing policy using standard industry forms.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Insurance Coverage Considerations for Claims Resulting from the Japanese Earthquake

2011-04-01 | Christopher M Brophy

Assessing the impact and coverage is no simple task. Chris Brophy elaborates.

Insurance Archaeology

Insurance Policy Authentication, Hearsay, and Reconstruction Methodology

2011-04-01 | Douglas Talley

In this third article on insurance archaeology, Doug Talley and Andrew Whitman address secondary evidence.

Insurance Archaeology

Proving the Existence of Past Policies with Secondary Evidence

2011-01-15 | Douglas Talley

While presentation of secondary evidence is important, Doug Talley explains that it alone will not prove that a policy existed.

Market Practices

Claims Administration—The Insurance Service

2010-12-01 | Peter Polstein

Pete Polstein stresses the importance of claims administration.

Current Trends and Issues

Third-Party Vendors in Insurance Claims Investigations: A Framework for Evaluation

2010-11-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles provides a framework for assessing the conduct of vendors that provide claims services to insurers.

Insurance Archaeology

Judicial Reconstruction of Missing Insurance Policies

2010-09-01 | Douglas Talley

Doug Talley and Andrew Whitman start a series of six articles on insurance archaeology.

Risk Mgmt and Ins Higher Education Scene

Risk Management/Insurance Intern Preparation

2009-10-17 | Brenda Powell Wells

Brenda Wells urges you to determine what interns will do and how you'll manage them beforehand.

Current Trends and Issues

Underwriting and Claims: Time to Become Friends?

2009-10-01 | Tim Ryles

Citing commentary and legal developments, Dr. Tim Ryles says the failure to coordinate between underwriting and claims increases risk.

Current Trends and Issues

The War on Fraud: Pitfalls in Public-Private Partnerships

2009-08-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles looks at insurer funding of anti-fraud activities and raises questions about investigative and prosecutorial efforts.

Enterprise Risk Management

Add Spreadsheets to Your Risk Inventory

2009-07-01 | Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan explains how our ability to achieve ERM success can be limited by the tools we use.

Current Trends and Issues

Fraud and Abuse or Abuse of Fraud: Do Insurance Antifraud Laws Tip the Scales against Insureds?

2009-02-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles explains that the rise in antifraud laws raises questions about the impact on the insurer-insured relationship and the regulatory process itself.

Enterprise Risk Management

The Role of the CIO in the Risk Intelligent Enterprise

2009-02-01 | Mark Layton

CIOs must redefine their roles and become more creative, proactive, innovative, and strategic than ever before.

Enterprise Risk Management

Where Was ERM?

2008-11-01 | Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan looks at what can we learn from the current financial debacle to make ERM more effective in the future.

Enterprise Risk Management

Critical Role for the Chief Audit Executive: Aligning Risk Assessment

2008-10-01 | Mark Layton

Mark Layton explains why today a frank assessment of the true risks a company faces is crucial.

Current Trends and Issues

Insurer's Duty at the Outset of a Personal Lines Claim

2008-09-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles explains why insurers have an affirmative duty to advise first-party insureds of their rights and obligations under an insurance policy.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Facility Damage Evaluation Following Major Disasters

2008-05-10 | Nathan C Gould

Dr. Nathan Gould explains why an effective facility evaluation plan should include the preparation of a Post-Disaster Facility Inspection Manual.

Current Trends and Issues

Why Insurance Companies Should Bear—Not Manage—Risk

2008-04-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles shows why insurers may best serve their customers by not proffering risk management services to their insureds.

Enterprise Risk Management

Chief Audit Executives and Risk Management Silos

2008-03-01 | Mark Layton

Mark Layton explains how CAEs can play a vital role in bridging silos and improving their firms' risk intelligence capabilities.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management's Chief Audit Executive

2007-12-01 | Mark Layton

Mark Layton and Terry Hisey explain that a risk intelligent firm recognizes both rewarded and unrewarded risks, and is savvy about the risks it takes.

Market Practices

Risk Assessments and Peer Reviews

2007-12-01 | Peter Polstein

Whether conducted in-house or by an outside consultant, a risk and insurance review is a good idea. Pete Polstein explains.

Enterprise Risk Management

Taking Risks to Create Value—It's What Capitalism's All About!

2007-09-01 | Mark Layton

To establish a risk intelligent enterprise, you must take calculated risks and avoid "the taboo of failure." Mark Layton explains.

Risk and Insurance History

Lloyd's of London: The Early Days

2007-09-01 | John A Bogardus

Jack Bogardus and Robert Moore relate the emergence of coffeehouses and the opportunities they created for revolutionary business practices.

Enterprise Risk Management

Balancing Risk Probability and Vulnerability

2007-05-01 | Mark Layton

Mark Layton explains why too much emphasis on probability fails in the face of improbable risks.

Enterprise Risk Management

Addressing the Full Spectrum of Risks

2007-05-01 | Mark Layton

With an appropriate risk strategy in place, Mark Layton says the decision to accept risk exposure will be informed, deliberate, and justified.

Current Trends and Issues

Hazards of Relying on Computer Technology in Claim Settlements

2007-04-01 | Tim Ryles

Dr. Tim Ryles addresses problems with reliance on outside vendor software in resolving claims and offers suggestions for new regulatory oversight of claims software.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Defining the Characteristics of a PML Study

2007-03-01 | Nathan C Gould

A seismic/extreme wind risk assessment requires an understanding of how the risk assessment and loss data will be utilized. Dr. Nathan Gould explains.

Enterprise Risk Management

Traditional Risk Management Inadequate to Deal with Today's Threats

2007-03-01 | Mark Layton

Deloitte & Touche looks at how managed risk avoidance is no longer adequate for today's business. What's needed is a proactive risk taking approach to risk, not risk avoidance.

Current Trends and Issues

Insurance Agent Liability in Katrina Litigation

2007-01-01 | Tim Ryles

Dr. Tim Ryles looks at standards applicable to agent liability, particularly as respects advice given on flood insurance and Katrina.

Current Trends and Issues

Dissecting Problems in Association Health Insurance Policies

2006-06-01 | Tim Ryles

Dr. Tim Ryles cautions against risky association plans and advises on how not to become a victim._x000D_

Current Trends and Issues

Marketing Health Insurance through "Trusteed Groups": a Perversion of the Group Insurance Concept

2006-03-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles explains why consumers are best advised to avoid the purchase of such products.

Current Trends and Issues

How To Recognize and Avoid Health Insurance Fraud

2006-01-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles explains that being alert to insurance scams can be helpful in avoiding victimization at the hands of con artists operating through unauthorized insurers.

Risk and Insurance History

"Catastrophes" in Early Twentieth Century America

2005-12-01 | John A Bogardus

John Bogardus and Robert More look at what history can teach us about how our forebears responded to the threats and opportunities of the early twentieth century.

Catastrophe Risk Management

The Impact on Lifelines on the Estimation of Natural Hazard Loss

2005-07-01 | Nathan C Gould

Dr. Nathan Gould explains how loss of service of key lifelines can lead to increased downtime following a major natural disaster and significantly elevated business interruption costs.

Risk and Insurance History

"Flying Machines" and Early Airline Insurance

2005-06-11 | John A Bogardus

As America became a world leader in aviation, the industry's size and importance made it a crucial line of business for many agents, brokers, and insurers. Jack Bogardus and Robert Moore explain.

Current Trends and Issues

Probing the Gaps in GAP Insurance

2005-06-01 | Tim Ryles

Tim Ryles discusses Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance: what it covers, common exclusions, how it is regulated, and certain sales/marketing methods to watch out for.

Current Trends and Issues

Household, Family, and Other Problems in Homeowners Policy Language

2005-03-01 | Tim Ryles

Determining what constitutes a household and family is a moving target for insurers and insureds. Tim Ryles looks at the meaning of this language in homeowners policies and court interpretations.

Current Trends and Issues

Who Really Lives (or Doesn't) in Your Household?

2005-01-01 | Tim Ryles

Determining residency in a blended-family society is a moving target for insurers and insureds. Tim Ryles looks at the meaning of "resident" in homeowners policies and court interpretations.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Understanding the Vulnerability of Hospitals to Natural Disasters

2004-12-01 | Nathan C Gould

If risks posed by natural hazards are not properly addressed, hospitals may themselves become victims of the disaster. James Bailey and Nathan Gould explain.

Market Practices

Medical Malpractice: Things To Consider

2004-10-01 | Peter Polstein

In his Insurance Industry Market Practices column, Peter Polstein looks at medical malpractice coverage and proper underwriting practices.

Risk and Insurance History

American Insurance at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century

2004-09-01 | John A Bogardus

This Risk and Insurance History column looks at the birth of the U.S. insurance agency system and how changes in technology, benefits, business practices, and regulation led to agent/broker professionalism.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Managing Extreme Wind (Hurricane) Losses

2004-03-01 | Nathan C Gould

Dr. Nathan Gould discusses extreme wind hazards, historical loss exposure, and a methodical engineered approach to effectively manage/reduce wind losses.

Enterprise Risk Management

The Alchemy of Enterprise Risk Management:

2003-12-01 | Jerry Miccolis

In his last ERM column for IRMI, Jerry Miccolis explains how the science and practice of ERM is rooted in the Modern Portfolio Theory and the "portfolio effect." Interesting examples are provided.

Market Practices

Excess Follow Form versus Umbrella

2003-12-01 | Peter Polstein

Peter Polstein takes a look at excess insurance in this month's insurance industry market practices column. Coverage terms and conditions, and negotiations, are addressed.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Performance Based Seismic Design

2003-10-01 | Nathan C Gould

Dr. Nathan Gould explains Performance Based Seismic Design - what it is, how it works, and why it is the seismic design methodology of the future.

Enterprise Risk Management

Practical ERM Applications: Risk Integration

2003-09-01 | Jerry Miccolis

In his enterprise risk management column, Jerry Miccolis explains how to model the integration of risks from various sources, using the insurance industry as an example.

Market Practices

Certificates of Insurance

2003-09-01 | Peter Polstein

Peter Polstein explains why the insurance certificates are one of the more dangerous documents that float between insureds, insurers, and a myriad of third parties.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Understanding the Language of Seismic Risk Analysis

2003-07-01 | Nathan C Gould

Even for those in the industry, the terminology used in the evolving field of seismic risk analysis can be confusing. Nathan Gould provides some definitions and clarifications.

Enterprise Risk Management

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: Getting the Fundamentals Right

2003-06-01 | Jerry Miccolis

Jerry Miccolis examines ERM fundamentals - objectives, scope, organization, and tools that companies can use to establish an ERM framework and implementation plan.

Market Practices

Binders and Confirmation

2003-05-01 | Peter Polstein

Peter Polstein discusses insurance binders and why the placing agent or broker must make absolutely certain that all parties fully understand the coverage ramifications.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Quantifying the Risk for Progressive Collapse in New and Existing Buildings

2003-03-01 | Nathan C Gould

This is discusses quantifying the risk for progressive collapse in new and existing buildings.

Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Lessons Across Industries

2003-03-01 | Jerry Miccolis

Jerry Miccolis summarizes three new Tillinghast-Towers Perrin enterprise risk management studies that examine trends and provide guidelines.

Market Practices

Considering Alternative Risk Transfer

2003-02-01 | Peter Polstein

Peter Polstein examines the use of deductibles and self-insured retentions to help with the rising costs of insurance premiums.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Earthquake Performance of Nonstructural Components

2003-01-11 | Nathan C Gould

This is discusses earthquake performance of Nonstructural components.

Market Practices

Insurance Coverage Specifications in the Hard Market

2002-12-01 | Peter Polstein

It's important to cover all the potential areas of loss your firm faces, even if insurance is not available or affordable. Peter Polstein reviews coverage extensions you should consider.

Market Practices

What Constitutes a Full Underwriting Submission

2002-10-01 | Peter Polstein

In the first article in a new topic Insurance Industry Market Practices, Peter Polstein describes the elements that are included in a full underwriting submission, using a recent casualty renewal as an example

Catastrophe Risk Management

Optimizing the Management of Natural Disaster Exposure

2002-06-01 | Rick Clinton

Many companies feel their approach to managing their overall aggregate exposure to natural disasters is deficient. Rick Clinton examines some software and consulting options for handling the earthquake exposure.

Enterprise Risk Management

The Language of Enterprise Risk Management: a Practical Glossary and Discussion of Relevant Terms, Concepts, Models, and Measures

2002-05-01 | Jerry Miccolis

Language of enterprise risk management: a practical glossary and discussion of relevant terms, concepts, models and measures.

Catastrophe Risk Management

Managing Earthquake Risk

2002-03-09 | Ronald Hamburger

Since September 11, risk managers have focused on man-made risk. However, Ron Hamburger explains the greater danger of natural catastrophes, particularly earthquakes, and how their risk should be assessed and handled.

Enterprise Risk Management

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: The Emerging Role of the Chief Risk Officer

2002-01-01 | Jerry Miccolis

Jerry Miccolis and Chuck Lee discuss the CRO approach, profile, where to find one, and how this individual should fit into the structure of the organization to make ERM a living reality.

Risk Management Technology

RMIS Applications: Guidelines for Selection and Implementation

2001-09-01 | Anita Schoenfeld

Tillinghast-Towers Perin consultants David Whitesell and Anita Schoenfeld provide key points an organization should consider to ensure that a new information system is properly selected and smoothly implemented.

Enterprise Risk Management

Modeling the Reality of Risk: The Cornerstone of Enterprise Risk Management

2001-07-14 | Samir Shah, Jerry Miccolis

A major reason managers are frustrated with their progress on ERM is because they don't have adequate risk modeling tools. Learn why standard statistical models don't work well for operational risks, but structural models do.

Risk and Insurance History

The World's First Insurance Company

2001-07-01 | Barry Klein

In 1666, the Great Fire of London nearly destroyed the city. Barry Klein explains how the first insurance company - as well as the first fire brigade emerged from the ashes.

Risk and Insurance History

The Great Fire of London

2001-06-01 | Barry Klein

The insurance industry can accurately trace its formation to the Great Fire of London on September 2, 1666. Learn the history behind the event - why the setting was ripe for disaster, the demolition of most of the city, and the foretelling of what emerged from the ashes.

Risk Management Technology

Information Systems: Which Type Is Right for Your Organization?

2001-04-01 | Anita Schoenfeld

Buying a new risk management system is difficult considering all the different applications and alternatives. Learn what types of systems are available and how they can respond to your organization's needs.

Insurance Archaeology

Insurance Archaeology for Mergers and Acquisitions: Due Diligence before and after Closing

2001-01-01 | Sheila Mulrennan

One often-crucial factor affecting both the advisability and success of a merger is the prospective partner's insurance portfolio. Any corporation moving to merge or purchase a corporation in the United States must recognize the litigious climate and defend itself by making sure that both its own and its prospective partner's insurance coverage is adequate. Learn more in this insightful article.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry: From Concept to Management Process

2000-11-01 | Jerry Miccolis

Learn how a five-step systematic management process-assessing risks, articulating strategies, evaluating strategies from policyholders' and owners' perspectives, and then refining them-represents the logical flow of activities in developing ERM strategy.

Risk Management Technology

Risk Management for Your Website

2000-09-01 | Anita Schoenfeld

The key to determining how to approach your exposure to risk associated with Internet websites ultimately lies with a thorough risk analysis. If your risk analysis proves that certain threats to your websites can prove costly to your business, it may make sense to take action to limit your exposure.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry: Still a Long Way to Go

2000-08-01 | Jerry Miccolis

The promise of ERM for financial services managers is that it can help them systematically make business decisions that contemplate all types of risk (e.g., event risks, operational risks, and financial risks). But, how close is this industry to realizing the promise of ERM? A recent Tillinghast-Towers Perrin survey reveals the answer.

Risk and Insurance History

How Umbrella Policies Started Part 2: the First Umbrella Forms

2000-04-01 | Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson discusses developments in blanket liability, other concepts that led to the creation of the first umbrella coverage forms, and the development of the American market for umbrellas after 1957.

Insurance Archaeology

Insurance Archaeology: A Strategic Imperative for Policyholders and Insurers

2000-03-01 | Sheila Mulrennan

Sheila Mulrennan explains that even though it has become increasingly difficult for policyholders, insurers, and reinsurers to reconstruct their pre-paid historic insurance assets, it is more important now than ever.

Risk and Insurance History

How Umbrella Policies Started Part 1: Early Liability Coverage

2000-03-01 | Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson examines the origins of liability insurance, early policy limits, the first excess liability market, excess of loss reinsurance, direct U.S. placements at Lloyd's, excess coverage developments, and the emergence of self-insurance.