workplace harassment

Workplace harassment refers to harassment "of a nonsexual nature."

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"Harassment" is often not defined in specific terms within employment practice liability (EPL) policies. Frequently, the forms may include a detailed definition of "sexual harassment," accompanied by a more general definition of "workplace harassment," which is simply described as "nonsexual." Two common descriptions (i.e., examples of policy wording) of the acts associated with "workplace harassment" include "conduct, advances, contact or communications" and "verbal, visual or physical conduct." "Bullying" is often specifically referred to within the "workplace harassment" definition. Apart from that, most policies do not provide specific examples of acts constituting "workplace harassment," instead opting for more sweeping descriptions and loosely referring to the sexual harassment definition. Behavior such as using racist nicknames, trying to convert employees to a different religion, disparaging an individual's ethnic background, and so on would typically be provided for under definitions of harassment.