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technology errors and omissions insurance tech E&O

Technology errors and omissions (tech E&O) insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover providers of technology services or products.

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For example, data storage companies and website designers provide technology services, while computer software and computer manufacturers offer technology products. Tech E&O policies cover both liability and property loss exposures. Major liability insuring agreements include losses resulting from: (1) technology services, (2) technology products, (3) media content, and (4) network security breaches. Key property insuring agreements provide coverage for extortion threats, crisis management expense, and business interruption. Tech E&O insurance is often confused with cyber and privacy insurance. In contrast to tech E&O coverage, cyber and privacy insurance is intended to protect consumers of technology products and services. Nevertheless, cyber and privacy insurance policies do offer a number of the same insuring agreements as tech E&O policies.

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