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drive other car endorsement (DOC)

A drive other car (DOC) endorsement (CA 99 10) is a commercial auto endorsement designed to provide nonowned auto coverage under a commercial auto policy similar to that which would be provided under a personal auto policy (PAP).

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The Drive Other Car Coverageā€”Broadened Coverage for Named Individuals (CA 99 10) endorsement is commonly used when an executive officer, for example, does not carry personal auto insurance because he or she is furnished a company auto. Coverage under the endorsement would come into play in the event the individual designated in the endorsement (including his or her resident spouse) is driving a nonowned auto for personal use. Coverage under the endorsement does not apply if the auto in question is owned by that individual or by any member of his or her household; or the auto is used by either of these individuals while working in a business of selling, servicing, repairing, or parking autos.


CA 99 10

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