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Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage

Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage


Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage — automobile coverage available under a commercial auto (e.g., business auto, auto dealers, motor carrier) policy for employees, executives, or any other person who is supplied a company-owned vehicle but who does not own a personal vehicle and thus does not have a personal auto policy (PAP). This coverage is available via the drive other car coverage—broadened coverage for named individuals (CA 99 10) endorsement. It may be added to the commercial auto policy of the company that furnishes the automobile to afford protection for the named individual or resident spouse while driving an auto borrowed from a third party. Nonowned auto coverage under such an endorsement may include auto liability, auto medical payments, auto physical damage, and uninsured motorists (UM)/underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage. The types of coverage afforded, applicable limits, and deductible amounts will be displayed in the endorsement schedule. An additional premium applies when this endorsement is attached.

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