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Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement

Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement


Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement — used to exclude coverage under the commercial general liability (CGL) policy for specific operations. The exclusion—designated ongoing operations endorsement (CG 21 53) can be used to remove coverage for either operations in progress at a specified location or all ongoing operations performed by or on behalf of the named insured. The exclusion—designated operations covered by a consolidated (wrap-up) insurance program endorsement (CG 21 54) excludes operations with respect to listed projects for which the insured contractor has been provided coverage under a wrap-up insurance program. CG 21 53 can also be used to exclude only the contractor's ongoing operations on a wrap-up project, which preserves completed operations coverage with respect to these projects, as most wrap-up programs provide only limited completed operations coverage.

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