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deep linking

Deep linking is the term used when linking from one website to a specific page on another website without permission in a manner that interferes with or diminishes the intellectual property rights or advertising revenue of the owner of the site to which it is linking.

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In this situation, the site doing the linking uses the intellectual property rights of the site to which it is linking to enhance the value of the first site.

For example, consider a publishing firm that provides information on human resources policies and procedures to its customers. Its online material contains a number of links to a specific page within a human resources consulting firm's website. The consulting firm sues the publishing firm, alleging that the links violate the consulting firm's intellectual property rights. This is because the links enhance the publishing firm's website while bypassing the consulting firm's home page and minimizing the potential for compensation to the consulting firm. This is because the home page is from where the bulk of the consulting firm's advertising revenue comes.

Coverage for liability incurred from improper deep linking is available under cyber and privacy insurance policies, specifically under the website media content liability insuring agreement. In addition, improper deep linking is covered under traditional media liability insurance policy forms.

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