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Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS)

Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®) continuing education (CE) program was developed by IRMI to make it much easier for insurance agents, brokers, CSRs, and in-house risk managers or insurance buyers to gain specialized expertise in construction insurance and risk management. Obtaining the CRIS certification will increase the competence, confidence, and credibility of insurance professionals who sell or underwrite insurance for contractors.

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Share your achievement and provide verification of your specialized knowledge with an IRMI Certification Digital Badge. IRMI has partnered with Credly Acclaim, the largest and most-connected digital credential network with best-in-class security and privacy features. After earning your credentials, you can display your digital badge on your LinkedIn profile, in your email signature, and on a variety of social media and digital platforms.

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$129  per course

At only $129 each, you can take all five core courses and earn the CRIS certification for only $645!

Insurance CE Credit available for $16 more.

Discounts Available

  • 10% off for CFMA Members
  • 10% off for RIMS Members
  • Special Rates for Groups of 50+

The Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®) program is a specialized curriculum focusing on the insurance and risk management needs of construction projects and contractors. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the CRIS certification to certify their knowledge of construction insurance and risk management and dedication to the industry.

CRIS Establishes Credibility and Dedication

The CRIS continuing education (CE) program was developed by IRMI to make it much easier for construction financial officers and managers, controllers, in-house risk managers or insurance buyers, and their agents, brokers, and underwriters to gain specialized expertise in construction insurance and risk management. Completing the five-part curriculum entitles you to the CRIS certification. Construction financial and risk professionals who obtain the certification will have the knowledge to make wiser insurance and risk management decisions for their employers and work more effectively with their agents/brokers. Obtaining the CRIS certification will increase the competence, confidence, and credibility of insurance professionals who sell or underwrite insurance for contractors. A CFO, CFM, controller, or construction risk manager who buys insurance from a CRIS designee will know he or she is dealing with someone who is knowledgeable about the specialized needs of contractors.

Curriculum and Renewal

The core curriculum is composed of five basic- to intermediate-level insurance and risk management continuing education courses directly focused on the unique needs of construction projects and contractors. Completing the core curriculum qualifies an individual to use the CRIS certification for 12 months. To maintain the certification, the CRIS certification holder must complete only 6 hours of CRIS CE credit every 12 months. This can be satisfied through just one additional online CE course or by attending approved seminars and conferences.

Get CE and CPE

CPE credit (in most states) and state-required insurance CE credit (in all 50 states) is available. Since the CRIS program is available at your home or office through WebCE's state-of-the-art Internet delivery system, you won't have any travel costs or time away from the office either!

With the CRIS certification behind your name, you make a statement to construction and insurance professionals that you understand the complex insurance needs of contractors and how to meet them.

More Sales
Retail insurance agents and brokers will parlay their increased expertise, confidence, and credibility into more sales to construction accounts.

Lower Insurance Costs
Insurance buyers and risk managers will use their new knowledge to make better insurance buying and risk management decisions for their companies.

Better Coverage
Knowledge gained from the CRIS courses will help you eliminate dangerous coverage gaps and provide better protection for your employer or your clients.

Career Advancement
Whether you are an insurance professional, lawyer, safety professional, insurance manager, or risk manager, the specialized knowledge and credibility you gain from the CRIS CE program will make you a more valuable employee and help you achieve your career goals.

CE Credit
Insurance agents or brokers can simultaneously get convenient state insurance CE credit and an insurance industry certification at a very low cost. Learn More.

Anyone who designs, sells, buys, or underwrites construction insurance programs should consider taking the CRIS program. You should consider the CRIS continuing education program if you are a(n):

  • Insurance agent or broker ... see what agents & brokers have to say about CRIS.
  • Customer service representative (CSR)
  • Insurance underwriter or adjuster
  • Risk manager or insurance manager of a construction company
  • Contractor CFO, controller, or other executive who buys insurance
  • Construction safety professional who wishes to expand your horizons
  • Risk and insurance consultant
  • Construction lawyer
  • Risk manager of another organization with substantial construction activities

Ten Percent Discount

As a member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) or Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), you qualify for a 10 percent discount off your course and insurance CE fees when you enter your discount code at checkout.

  • CFMA Member Discount Code: E958030
  • RIMS Member Discount Code: D823445

Meet the RIMS Fellows Requirements

Completing the CRIS certification counts as 2 days of RIMS Fellow (RF) workshop credits toward the RF designation. To receive credit, you must send RIMS a copy of your CRIS Certificate that you receive after completing all courses. Please send the copy to RIMS, Professional Development Department, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018 or fax to (212) 655-5929.

Getting Your CRIS Certification Is Easy!

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Required Courses

There are five required courses to earn the CRIS certification, which can be taken in any order. CRIS courses typically take 6-10 hours to complete.

  • Commercial Auto, Surety, CIPs, and Miscellaneous Lines
  • Commercial Liability Insurance for Contractors
  • Contractual Risk Transfer in Construction
  • Property Insurance for Contractors
  • Workers Compensation for Contractors
After you earn the CRIS certification, you will be required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education credit every 12 months.

Learn More about the terms and conditions for using your CRIS certification.
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Reaccreditation Courses

To renew your CRIS certification each year, you can take an online reaccreditation course or attend approved educational events.

Take advantage of our reciprocity discount program to earn additional credentials, renew your certification, and save money. Learn how on our FAQ page and start earning multiple certifications today.

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IRMI Construction Risk Conference

Get access to top-tier speakers, focused construction risk and insurance content, and innovative ideas for contractor insurance programs. 

CRIS designees can earn up to 6 hours of required credit by attending an IRMI Construction Risk Conference.

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