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Reaccreditation Requirements

Keep Your IRMI Certification in Good Standing

Once you earn your IRMI certification, you must engage in an ongoing continuing education process to maintain it. This involves obtaining 6 hours of approved renewal credit every 12 months and paying any applicable renewal fees. You may obtain this credit in one of four ways.

  1. Completing online reaccreditation courses in the IRMI Learning Center
  2. Completing a core course for another IRMI Certification
  3. Attending an IRMI Conference
  4. Watching IRMI Conference sessions on demand
  5. Attending another educational event that has been approved for certification reaccreditation

Not sure if it's time to renew or not? Log into the IRMI Learning Center to find out.

Take an Online Reaccreditation Course

The IRMI Learning Center offers a number of risk management and insurance courses covering a range of topics. In most cases, one of these courses is all that is necessary to satisfy your 6-hour continuing education renewal requirement, and most also qualify for insurance CE if you need it. Your renewal fee is included in the cost of the online course.

Complete a Core Course for another IRMI Certification

Interested in earning additional IRMI credentials? Take any Core Course required to earn a new certification, notify WebCE, and pay a discounted renewal fee to apply it to your existing certification's continuing education requirement.

A New Way To Renew Your CRIS!

Renew your CRIS Certificaion in a fresh, engaging way with interactive videos, games, and quizzes. Plus, master construction crews' field safety protocols. Complete the 6-hour course in short 5-15-minute increments.

A Collaboration between IRMI, WebCE, and MindForge. 

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Attend an IRMI Conference

IRMI hosts several in-person and virtual conferences focusing on the risk management and insurance challenges faced by specific industries. Attendance at an IRMI conference will satisfy your certification continuing education requirement for that year.

Current IRMI conferences are as follows:

Your renewal fee is included with your IRMI conference registration.

View IRMI Conference Sessions On Demand

Access  exclusive educational content from recent IRMI events and watch conference sessions on your own schedule from any location. Watching 5 or more on-demand sessions will fulfill your annual continuing education requirement, and your renewal fee is included. 

Attend Other Approved Events

You may attend educational events that are not hosted by IRMI to obtain your 6 hours of certification continuing education credit. However, the event must be approved for certification reaccreditation. It is best to obtain preapproval to be sure the event qualifies by submitting the following information to [email protected].

  • Course sponsor
  • Course title
  • Brief course description
  • Date and number of hours
  • Course instructor

It is your responsibility to submit the information needed for approval and provide the required proof of attendance. A separate renewal fee  is also required to keep your certification in good standing.