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Does Your Agent or Broker Really Know Agribusiness?

Because of the complexities of agribusiness insurance, buyers of insurance are wise to retain an insurance agent or broker who specializes in providing insurance to the agribusiness industry.

Find an AFIS-Certified Agent or Broker!

Use this directory of agents and brokers who have the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) certification to find an insurance professional in your community who has a demonstrated commitment to the agribusiness industry. Holders of the AFIS certification have completed an agribusiness-focused insurance continuing education program and continuously update their knowledge by participating in agribusiness risk and insurance seminars or online continuing education courses.

NOTE: Some AFIS designees have opted out of the Agent & Broker Directory. 

This directory is solely for the use of insurance buyers and others to locate an insurance representative and is protected by copyright and other US and international laws. This list may not be reproduced in any form or on any media without permission of IRMI. Use of this directory for solicitation of those listed is strictly prohibited.