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The Mo-Kan Construction Industry Substance Abuse Fund Receives Award For Groundbreaking Workplace Drug Testing Program

Orlando, FL, November 10, 2004—The Mo-Kan Construction Industry Substance Abuse Fund was honored at the 24th IRMI Construction Risk Conference with the Gary E. Bird Horizon Award. The award was accepted on behalf of the nonprofit Fund by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Don Greenwell. The Fund received the award for its development and oversight of a Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program (CISAP), a comprehensive construction-industry drug and alcohol testing program that includes, in part, random testing. The objective of CISAP is to improve worksite safety by keeping drugs from playing a role in on-the-job accidents, and it is working. Annual industry savings from the program are estimated to be in excess of 300 percent of the annual cost of the CISAP. More detail of the Fund's substance abuse program is available on the IRMI website.

The Gary E. Bird Horizon Award is presented annually by IRMI to recognize a demonstrated commitment to improving construction risk management through the implementation of innovative, cost-effective, and efficient risk management techniques.

The panel of industry experts selected by IRMI to judge the award submissions was very complimentary of the winning program. "This program will save money and lives" was offered by one judge. Another judge remarked, "If this program can influence the industry, it will be a milestone in safety."

The other finalists for the awards were Rick Callor, Environmental, Safety, and Health Manager, Washington Group International Inc., who was nominated for developing and implementing an innovative safety training program that greatly improved his employer's safety record while reducing insurance costs; and R.A. "Dick" Davis, Project Manager, Knight Jacobs Joint Venture, who was nominated for his design and implementation of a creative safety plan that engaged all the participants involved in a complex, long-term construction project.

The award was named for Gary E. Bird, a nationally recognized risk management expert who was known for his significant and cutting-edge risk management solutions. The next award will be presented at the 25th IRMI Construction Risk Conference taking place in Las Vegas, November 7-10, 2005. In addition to recognition, the winner receives complimentary registration, travel, and lodging to the next IRMI Construction Risk Conference. To find out more about this award, its qualification requirements, and how to apply, contact Christine Fuge of IRMI at 1-800-827-4242, ext. 346, or visit IRMI's website and go to the "Conference" section of the site.

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