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Special Report—"20 Ways to Improve Directors and Officers Liability Coverage or Practices"—Available on at No Charge

Dallas, TX, February 17, 2009International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), published a special 20-page report providing actionable suggestions for improving directors and officers liability insurance coverage or programs designed to manage D&O liability exposures.

The special report—"20 Ways To Improve Directors and Officers Liability Coverage or Practices"—was prepared by the editors of D&O Compass and D&O MAPS™, both published by IRMI. The special report discusses important coverage issues to consider when buying, selling, or underwriting D&O insurance, with realistic suggestions for addressing each. "20 Ways To Improve Directors and Officers Liability Coverage or Practices" can be downloaded at no cost by signing up for D&O Compass.

Nearly 12,000 risk and insurance professionals receive D&O Compass, a monthly email newsletter focused on management liability insurance and risk management. Each issue of D&O Compass provides at least one new insurance or risk management tactic gleaned by the authors from their study and comparisons of D&O policy forms and legal cases interpreting D&O insurance coverage provisions. D&O Compass is also free.

President of IRMI Jack Gibson said, "All the red ink from the economic downturn is likely to lead to an explosion of directors and officers liability suits, and arranging proper D&O insurance coverage is more important than ever. The practical recommendations in this special report will help agents, brokers, and risk managers avoid some very serious and costly mistakes when buying or selling the insurance, making it a must-read."

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