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IRMI Responds to ISO Changes with 5th Edition of The Additional Insured Book

Dallas, TX, August 6, 2004International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), announced the release of the fifth edition of its The Additional Insured Book. This IRMI book addresses the complicated coverage issues that may arise when one party requires another party to add it as an insured in the other party's insurance policies, particularly its liability insurance policies. The best-selling book, now in its fifth edition, has been updated to reflect all the changes initiated by ISO and the la court decisions handed down in the 4 years since the fourth edition was published. In particular, the new book addresses revised editions of a number of additional insured endorsements widely used in connection with contracting operations. These revised endorsements significantly reduce the protection available to additional insured project owners and general contractors and will have a major impact on insurance programs for construction projects throughout the United States. In all, the fifth edition of the popular book includes more than 450 pages of additional insured information and strategies with more than 240 case citations.

The new edition examines problems with standard endorsement forms, including those attempting to restrict coverage for the additional insured's sole negligence or preclude coverage for completed operations; offers suggestions for modifying coverage to correspond with contractual risk transfers involving less than sole fault of the parties; critiques the good and potentially troublesome areas of a number of manuscript additional insured endorsements in use; and explains how certificates of insurance can be used in tandem with insurance policies to broaden or limit the extent to which coverage may apply to additional insureds.

The Additional Insured Book, 5th ed., was written by Donald S. Malecki, Pete Ligeros, and Jack Gibson. Donald S. Malecki, CPCU, is chairman and CEO of Donald S. Malecki & Associates, Inc., an insurance and risk management consulting firm, and is highly regarded as an author, lecturer, and expert witness on technical insurance matters. Pete Ligeros, JD, a California-based lawyer and president of Ligeros & Associates, an insurance and risk management consulting firm, serves as a consulting expert and expert witness on property and casualty coverage issues and claims handling and risk management practices and procedures. Jack P. Gibson, CPCU, CLU, ARM, president of IRMI, is the coauthor of 11 other highly regarded insurance and risk management reference works and serves as editor-in-chief of, the company's popular website.

The cost of The Additional Insured Book, 5th ed., is $56 in print format, with access via IRMI Online starting at $28 per year. For more information and to order, go to The Additional Insured Book or call (800) 827-4242 and ask for Customer Service.

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