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most favored venue wording

Most favored venue wording is a provision found within some directors and officers (D&O), professional, and employment practices liability (EPL) policies stating that with respect to the insurability of punitive damages, the law of the jurisdiction most favorable to the insurability of punitive damages will apply, provided the jurisdiction meets one of the following criteria.

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It is the jurisdiction where (1) the punitive damages were awarded; (2) the act giving rise to the punitive damages award occurred; (3) the insured is incorporated or maintains its principal place of business; or (4) the insurer is incorporated or maintains its principal place of business. When this provision is included within a policy that affirmatively covers (or does not exclude) punitive damages, it provides assurance that such damages will be covered by the insurer, despite the fact that covering punitive damages is contrary to law in certain jurisdictions (e.g., California). Most favored venue wording merely modifies the existing level of coverage for punitive damages already provided by a policy. Such wording does not provide coverage if the policy otherwise excludes punitive damages. It is also important to recognize that the validity of this provision has not been tested in court.

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