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Miscellaneous Medical Facilities

Miscellaneous Medical Facilities


Miscellaneous Medical Facilities —

Entities such as imaging centers, ambulatory care centers, hospices, dialysis clinics, homecare facilities, medical spas, and a variety of other facilities offering specialized medical services. According to some leading brokers, there are nearly 50 distinct classes of business falling under the broad category of "miscellaneous medical facilities." Essentially, any hands-on interaction with patients outside of a hospital or long-term care setting qualifies as a "miscellaneous medical facility."

In general, the prevalence of these types of facilities (as well as the availability of insurance coverage options) is growing, although acute care (hospitals) and long-term care facilities (nursing homes), specifically, are not experiencing the same rate of growth. A broad shift away from inpatient care has been one driver of this increase in miscellaneous medical facilities. This is partly due to pressure to control healthcare costs associated with extended inpatient treatment.

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