mine subsidence coverage

Mine subsidence coverage is for loss to property due to the sinking of a man-made mine.

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Buildings in some states—such as Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia—may be located over abandoned mines. If the mine sinks, shifts, or collapses and damages the insured property, such damage is excluded by the "earth movement exclusion." A few states have mandated that insurers make coverage for mine subsidence available to property owners who live in such areas. Typically, the property owner need not request such coverage; it is added automatically. If the property owner decides against the coverage, a signed rejection form may be required. As of this writing, mine subsidence coverage is mandated for both commercial and residential property in Illinois (215 ILCS 5/801.1), Kentucky (KRS 304.44.–010), and West Virginia (WVC 33–30–6). The coverage is mandated only for dwellings and farms in Ohio (ORC 3939.50).