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Fair Chance Act

Fair Chance Act


Fair Chance Act — proposed legislation designed to ban federal agencies and federal contractors from asking applicants for employment to disclose their criminal histories before the federal agency makes the applicant a job offer. On October 7, 2015, the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted unanimously to approve the Fair Chance Act.

The bill would also include exceptions for prospective employers asking past criminal history questions for law enforcement and national security positions, along with jobs requiring access to classified information, and for certain types of employment involving interactions with minors.

It has also been reported that several large corporations, including Home Depot, Koch Industries, Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, have adopted hiring practices similar to those encompassed by the provisions of the Fair Chance Act.

As of June 2016, the bill had not yet been voted on by either the US Senate or the US House of Representatives.

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