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building ordinance coverage

Building ordinance coverage is for loss caused by enforcement of ordinances or laws regulating construction and repair of damaged buildings.

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Older structures that are damaged may need upgraded electrical; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC); roofing materials; fences; and plumbing units based on city codes. Many communities have building ordinances requiring that a building that has been damaged to a specified extent (typically 50 percent) must be demolished and rebuilt in accordance with current building codes rather than simply repaired. Unendorsed, standard commercial property insurance forms do not cover the loss of the undamaged portion of the building, the cost of demolishing that undamaged portion of the building, or the increased cost of rebuilding the entire structure in accordance with current building codes. However, coverage for these loss exposures is widely available by endorsement. Standard homeowners policies include a provision granting a limited amount (e.g., 10 percent of the dwelling limit) of building ordinance coverage; this amount can be increased by endorsement.


ordinance or law coverage