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IRMI Webinars

IRMI Webinars

Level-Up Your Insurance and Risk Management Expertise With IRMI Webinars

Take a deep dive into hot-button topics and emerging trends by attending an IRMI webinar. These free, one-hour sessions led by industry experts bring you the excellent educational value you'll always experience wth IRMI. 

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D&O Insurance Issues for Privately Held Middle Market Companies

D&O expert Mike Rossi will begin with a brief overview of why every private company should buy D&O insurance, and then move quickly into wording and coverage issues to consider when structuring a D&O insurance program for a privately held middle market company. He will cover wording changes to try to negotiate in Primary and Excess policies to improve off-the-shelf coverage. Because most D&O insurers do not negotiate wordings for their private company offerings as readily as they do for their public company offerings, he will also suggest program structure strategies to maximally protect the personal assets of a private company’s directors and officers. For example, one such strategy is buying Excess/DIC Side A insurance. Another strategy to use once Excess/DIC Side A is purchased, is adding the Side A Match coverage feature on the Primary and Excess ABC policies. Both strategies will be explained in detail.

Your Speaker: Michael Rossi, Owner, Insurance Law Group, Inc.

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What’s in Store for 2024? The Year Ahead for Insurers and the Economy

The year ahead is fraught with economic, financial and geopolitical uncertainty. Is 2024 the year in which inflation will finally be tamed? The universally predicted recession of 2023 never materialized—but is the U.S. economy truly out of the woods? And with military conflicts, saber rattling and weakening economies overseas, how will the global economy be impacted? Looming over all of these are the U.S. elections, the implications of which will reverberate throughout the world. Insurers, policyholders and the economic and financial environment in which the operate will directly and significantly impacted. This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the trends, challenges, and opportunities in store for 2024!

Your Speaker: Robert P. Hartwig, PhD, CPCU, Clinical Associate Professor, Finance Department and Director, Center for Risk and Uncertainty Management at Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina


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Insuring Defective Construction Claims Over the Last 50 Years: The Song Remains the Same?

The application of liability insurance to construction defect claims has long been one of the most complex and disputed coverage issues in the United States. Liability policies are designed with an attempt to cover fortuitous losses related to defective work while excluding the insured’s so-called business risks. The problem is that there is much gray area between the two which has led to literally thousands of coverage disputes between insurers and their insureds. In this webinar, Patrick J. Wielinski, author of Insurance for Defective Construction, will trace the past trends that have gotten the industry to the present day, and how those trends have contributed to current attempts at addressing defective construction coverage.

Your Speaker: Patrick J. Wielinski, Principal at Cokinos | Young


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10 Building Blocks to Risk and Insurance Leader Success

Based on the IRMI Risk Report by the same name, this session will present ten critical elements to charting a successful career in risk management and those elements especially helpful to leadership development at the highest levels. Presented by Chris Mandel, the 2004 Risk Manager of the Year and former CRO and RIMS president, and Bob Bowman, Sr. Director, Chief Risk Officer at The Wendy’s Company, this session will provide the basis for understanding key things to do, and not to do, to achieve long term career goals in risk management. 

Your Speakers:
Bob Bowman, Senior Director, Chief Risk Officer at The Wendy's Company
Chris Mandel, Chief Risk Advisor at USI


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Additional Insured Coverage: Key Takeaways for Your Risk Transfer Programs Based on the Texas Supreme Court’s Exxon Ruling

All it takes is a few words to frustrate the intent of contractors regarding the transfer of risk and additional insured coverage. Exxon recently learned this the hard way, spending nine years in hard-fought litigation that required the rare involvement of the Texas Supreme Court to secure coverage. Importantly, the case involves the interpretation of common umbrella policy language affecting additional insured coverage. This webinar breaks down the significant factors in the case that influenced the court’s decision and the impact on all contractual risk transfer vehicles.

Your Speakers:
Jes Alexander, Senior Research Analyst at IRMI
Veronica Bates, Director of Curriculum at IRMI


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Demystifying Renewable Energy for Risk and Insurance Professionals

Those involved in the ownership, financing, operation, and construction of renewable energy assets must take a careful and comprehensive view of the ever-shifting risk landscape, adapting and strengthening their risk management practices and risk financing in the face of change. This session is aimed at bridging the gap for professionals familiar with traditional energy, but newer to renewable energy or those working with colleagues and partners who have less experience with the renewable energy sector and navigating its unique risks.

Your Speakers:
Mike Kolodner, Global Renewable Energy & US Power Leader at Marsh 
Katie Wilson, Renewable Industry Specialist at Marsh


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Bobtail Coverage: The Never-Ending Battle between the Insurers for the Motor Carrier and the Owner-Operator

Liability insurance for nontrucking use (IFNTU), also known as “bobtail liability” or “deadhead coverage,” has long been a source of confusion for risk professionals, trucking professionals, and the courts alike. When an accident occurs, gray areas often arise as to whether the truck was being operated on behalf of the motor carrier or the owner-operator. This leads to messy coverage disputes between the insurers. This informative webinar will enlighten you about the typical scenarios and how to resolve the coverage issues.

Your Speaker: Larry Rabinovich, Partner at Barclay Damon, LLP


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How To Build a Best-in-Class D&O Program

This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of advanced macro program structure issues to consider and examples of specific wording choices to make in each type of policy comprising a D&O insurance program. You'll take away proven strategies you can use to create what many would consider to be a “best in class” D&O insurance program.

Your Speaker: Michael Rossi, Owner at Insurance Law Group, Inc


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3 Things You Must Know about Form MCS-90

Join us for a deeper look at the Form MCS-90. The MCS-90 is a unique endorsement applicable to motor carriers. If you buy insurance for, sell insurance to, or underwrite insurance on commercial vehicles, check out this must-watch webinar. 

Your Speaker: Larry Rabinovich, Partner at Barclay Damon, LLP


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