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The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970 is law providing for treble damages against those engaged in "a pattern of racketeering activity."

Radiological weapons disperse radioactive agents to inflict injury or cause contamination or damage.

Radius class describes the customary distance traveled by commercial vehicles as measured in a straight line from the place of garaging to the destination.

Radius of operations describes the area or areas where a company conducts its business.

Railroad protective liability is insurance coverage protecting a railroad from liability it incurs because of the work of contractors on or near the railroad right-of-way.

A railroad sidetrack agreement is an agreement between a railroad and a business in which the railroad agrees to build a siding on the property of the business, and the business will hold the railroad harmless for certain liability arising out of the use of the sidetrack.

A rainmaker is a person who markets the law firm and attempts to generate new business, particularly one who is very adept at bringing in new clients and accounts.

Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that blocks access to a victim's data, website, client services systems, or other critical resources.

Ratable losses refer to the insured's incurred loss dollars, including all losses paid and outstanding, subject to a maximum per-loss amount or loss limitation.

Rate is a unit of cost that is multiplied by an exposure base to determine an insurance premium.