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COVID-19 Resources for Insurance and Risk Management Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented Black Swan event that is testing the resilience of countries, economies, businesses, and societies. To help insurance and risk management professionals navigate this rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis, IRMI Research Analysts are analyzing policy provisions, monitoring state regulatory responses, and curating applicable content from our extensive library.

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Updated November 18, 2021

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Expert Commentary Articles

Custodial Crew Cleaning

How COVID-19 Changed the Commercial Cleaning Business

History on biohazards is in the process of repeating itself in the insurance business. This article focuses on how COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of change in the insurance needs of firms in the commercial cleaning business and the owners of commercial property.

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Two Women In Office Wearing Masks

Post COVID Analytics and Benchmarks

In the latest Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark webinar, a panel of industry experts discuss how the pandemic has impacted actuarial models and how risk managers need to adjust their future expectations to account for the new variables. 

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Downward Spiral

2020 Insurance Year in Review and the Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted just about every sector of global commerce. This article focuses on the key drivers in each of the subcategories in the insurance industry and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted these areas of the economy in 2020.

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Patient Lying in Hospital Bed on Oxygen

COVID-19 is Not an Occupational Disease

Several states are considering legislation or regulatory action that will classify COVID-19 as an occupational disease under their stautes. In this article, Mark Walls provides reasons why this consideration is alarming.

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Man Looking at Older Version of Self in Mirror

COVID Claims Development: Workers Compensation and Long-Term Effects

In part two of the series, Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark, a panel of industry experts were brought in to provide more detail on the long-term medical effects associated with COVID-19 claims. For further information on data trends in COVID-19 claims, please refer to part one of this series.

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More Resources

IRMI Podcast

IRMI Ag Podcast sponsored by Nationwide

Lessons from Disasters: Wildfires to COVID-19

What happens when the entire planet becomes a disaster area due to a pandemic? Rich Hallock, vice president of the Greenspan Company, discusses lessons learned from claims handling and elaborates on how working effectively in disaster areas like those caused by wildfires is normal for Greenspan; however, there's nothing normal about the impact of COVID-19.

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IRMI Construction Podcast

COVID-19 and the Construction Industry

Gary Kaplan, president of AXA XL Construction, shares his perspective on how contractors and insurance companies are adapting regionally to COVID-19 and on the potential short- and long-term impacts of the prolonged pandemic on both the construction and insurance industries.

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White Papers

Coronavirus COVID-19

Pandemic Strategies: Risk Management Lessons from the Ebola Crisis

This report explores the threats a pandemic poses to an organization, insurance coverage issues, loss control strategies, and how risk managers can learn from the current crisis to improve their organization’s ability to weather future catastrophic events.

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Businessman analyzing COVID-19 updated

Businesses, Captives Look To Learn Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

The captive insurance industry is seeing changes on a macro level arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the direct impacts of the pandemic on many captive insurance companies and their parents, the disaster also highlighted vulnerabilities. Find out how organizations are responding to changes driven by the pandemic.

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Black Swan in blue water

Pandemic Experience Shows Captives' Ability To Respond to Black Swans

The commercial insurance market's responses to the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic have created opportunities for captive insurance companies to step up and help their parent organizations by filling coverage gaps. Lessons learned from the pandemic are likely to position captives to be an even more important tool to address future black swan events.

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Record Breaking

COVID-19 Pandemic Could Contribute to Record Catastrophe Losses

The COVID-19 pandemic looks to rank among the insurance and reinsurance sector's most expensive events, contributing to total 2020 catastrophe losses ranging from $100 billion up to $160 billion.

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Relilience road sign

Reinsurers Exposed to COVID-19 Losses but Appear Resilient to Pandemic

As both the human toll and the business impact of COVID-19 continue to mount, reinsurers look well positioned to ride out the pandemic. The industry entered the crisis well capitalized. It's also likely to benefit from policy exclusions that will limit some pandemic-related losses..

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US Pandemic

As Business Losses Mount, Pandemic Backstop Discussions Grow

The human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is obvious, undeniable, and often tragic, but there's also a significant toll on business. As many business try to determine how they'll cope with a significant loss of revenue, they are discovering that their business interruption (BI) coverage won't cover their COVID-19 losses.

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Crisis Management

COVID-19 and the Need To Think about Leadership and Crisis Management

As we self-quarantine and seek a return to normalcy, real leadership is called for. But what does leadership in a time of crisis look like? 

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Coronavirus Impact

COVID-19's Possible Impacts on Captive Insurers Are Varied

Captive insurance companies will no doubt feel the impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 disease it causes, both in the near term and possibly in the future, as captive owners look to close holes the outbreak is revealing in insurance programs. 

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Exam and CE Updates for Insurance Professionals


Testing, Exam, and CE Updates

IRMI subsidiary WebCE is tracking the latest updates regarding the following: 

  • Testing center closures for various licensing exams
  • States waiving self-study exam proctor requirements for insurance professionals
  • Renewal and CE due date extensions for insurance professionals

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Subscription COVID-19 Resources

The links in this section highlight content that is available with a paid subscription. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact IRMI Customer Success or call us at (800) 827-4242

Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives Graphic


In the first ever jury trial deciding whether COVID-19 losses are covered, the six jurors resoundingly found in favor of the insurance company. Insurance coverage disputes are usually considered matters of law, and therefore a judge, not a jury, decides whether coverage is invoked. Learn more about how the case ever got to a jury in the first place.

    Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives Graphic

    Coverage for COVID-19 Losses: Insurers Have Won the Battles, but Will They Win the War?

    In trial courts across the nation, insurers have overwhelmingly won dismissals of COVID-19 business interruption coverage cases. However, the battleground for this massive number of coverage lawsuits is now moving to a new, more important stage—the appellate courts. It is in this arena that the war largely will be won or lost.

      Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives Graphic

      Hidden Trend In COVID Business Interruption Cases—Voluntary Dismissals 

      With all eyes on the unfolding court decisions regarding whether these massive COVID-19 losses will be covered by insurance, another trend is quietly emerging without much notice—voluntary dismissals. The reasoning behind this abandoning of their pursuit of coverage may be found in other trends. 

        Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives Graphic

        COVID Business Interruption Coverage From The Insured’s Point Of View

        Thousands of policyholders have made claims on their property insurance policies to recover business interruption losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives outlines some of the policyholders’ strongest arguments in favor of coverage under “all risk” property insurance policies for business interruption losses. 

          Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives Graphic

          Are Policyholders Really Winning COVID-19 Cases?

          With the flurry of new court decisions, now is a good time to step back and study the arguments that are prevailing with the courts in this Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives to really understand the seminal issues in this insurance dispute of epic proportions. 

            COVID-19 Insurance Law Essentials

            A Second Win for Insurers in BL Coverage for COVID-19 Loss

            In this Insurance Law Essentials Deep Dives, commercial property insurers win again as a D.C. court holds that losses suffered from restaurant closures due to the pandemic are not covered. This is the second court ruling out of hundreds of business interruption lawsuits against carriers.

              COVID-19 Coverage Issues Business Interruption Cases Map

              COVID-19 Business Interruption Cases

              Insurance Law Essentials, a comprehensive online legal resources bundle, provides a dynamic overview of the business interruption cases in each state. IRMI is tracking these cases as they progress and providing access to the court pleadings and the important motions filed by each party.


                Practical Risk Management

                The July 2020 update of Practical Risk Management includes two articles in the Risk Management Notes newsletter that explore in depth these issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

                Is There Possible Cash Flow Relief in Insurance Premium Payments?

                COVID-19 and Business Interruption Coverage

                Commercial Property Insurance

                Commercial Property Insurance Online Reference

                This comprehensive guide has recently been updated to include discussions of the optional endorsements made available by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) in February 2020 in response to the corona virus outbreak. The reference also includes in-depth analysis of key coverage provisions and the virus exclusion endorsement.

                Commercial Property Insurance Links

                Subscribers to the Commercial Property Insurance in IRMI Online or Reference Connect can access the following links.

                Business Income Loss From the Coronavirus

                February 2020 ISO Endorsements

                Key Coverage Provisions and the Virus Exclusion Endorsement

                Closed Due To COVID

                The Risk Report: Business Income Loss From the Coronavirus

                IRMI looks at the question of coverage for coronavirus business income loss, focusing on analysis of the policy language and the related court cases. Current proposals to alleviate the tremendous loss of income caused by the pandemic are also addressed.

                truck driver wearing a medical mask

                IRMI Workers Comp Online Reference

                This reference now includes workers compensation and COVID-19 resources to assist with navigating the new normal for employers and their workers. Subscribers can access links to state legislative/regulatory initiatives directed at compensability, state workers compensation administrative organizations COVID-19 content, and workers comp insurance regulators resources on COVID-19 

                United States Map

                COVID-19 Cancellations and Related Bulletins from Insurance Regulators

                The individual states departments of insurance have the authority to set guidelines for cancelling or nonrenewing insurance policies. With the spread and ramifications of the coronavirus (COVID-19), several state departments have issued directives regarding temporary regulations or grace periods for premium payment, cancellations or nonrenewal notices. Below is a listing of the states that have issued bulletins applicable to temporary suspension of payments, cancellations, or nonrenewal of personal lines and commercial property and casualty insurance policies during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

                Subscribers to the Commercial Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, IRMI Workers Comp, and Personal Risk Management and Insurance can access a synopsis of each state's bulletins along with links to the full text. This information will be updated regularly and is available in IRMI Online or Reference Connect. 

                Alabama Alaska Arizona
                Arkansas California Colorado
                Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia
                Florida Georgia Hawaii
                Idaho Illinois Indiana
                Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
                Maine Maryland Massachusetts
                Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
                Missouri Montana Nebraska
                Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
                New Mexico New York North Carolina
                North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
                Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
                South Carolina Tennessee Texas
                Utah Vermont Virginia
                Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

                Other COVID-19 Resources

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                Employment Law

                Free Webinar—The Legalities of a Tough Situation: COVID-19

                To help employers navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19 and new legislation, Don Phin, coeditor of IRMI's Employment Practices Liability Consultant (EPLiC), has put together an in-depth webinar with information, tips, and best practices on how employers can respond to the evolving legal landscape.

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                Zywave COVID Resource Center

                Zywave COVID-19 Resource Center

                As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow, proactive education and communication with your clients is critical. Use these resources, created by Zywave’s team of in-house experts, to help your brokerage and your clients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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