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Thank you for your interest in presenting a session at the IRMI Construction Risk Conference (CRC).

We are are now accepting proposals for the 2024 Conference program. The submission deadline is February 5, 2024. Please carefully review the Standard Session or Snap Talk Proposal requirements carefully before beginning the submission process.

Standard Session Proposal Requirements

Standard session proposals will be submitted using our Session Proposal Form.

You must complete the form in one session, so make sure you have all the following required information ready to enter. If you leave the platform and come back later, you will have to start over.

Descriptive Summary

In 75 words or less, state the purpose of the session and summarize what attendees will take away from the session. The summary paragraph will be used to help us market the session.

Session Outline 

Attach a separate document for upload that shows the proposed content of the session. Please provide enough detail to allow us to understand the scope and content of the presentation. If the session is selected, we may ask you to add additional detail to the outline to meet state requirements for continuing education approvals.

Learning Objectives

Provide three learning objectives that summarize what attendees will be able to do with the knowledge they obtain in the session or how it will enable them to do their jobs better.


Indicate the style of the presentation—that is, lecture-style presentation, interactive panel discussion, or another format.

Proposed Time Frame

Our program can accommodate a variety of presentation lengths. Please indicate what you think is an appropriate amount of time to adequately cover the topic.

Speaker Information

Provide a name, title, company of each proposed speaker, a short biography (in a separate document for upload), and contact information for the speaker proposing the session (the primary speaker). If more than two speakers are being proposed, we ask that you refrain from actually inviting additional speakers until your session is approved.

Keep the proposed number of speakers to the fewest required to adequately address the content. For multispeaker sessions, please consider the following when recommending additional speakers.

  • Expertise—the most important criteria
  • Speaking ability—good communicator, articulate, reliable
  • Diversity—strive for a cross-ection of our audience makeup

All speakers should contribute to the educational discussion.

  • Please do not submit a speaker whose only contribution is to introduce the person who will provide the educational content. IRMI provides facilitators to make introductions.
  • Panel moderators should be able to contribute to the discussion as an expert on some aspect of the topic.

We encourage you to give consideration to the diversity of your proposed co-presenters or panelists, both demographically and in terms of their role. To support diversity of role, companies are limited to one complimentary speaker registration per topic. Additional proposed speakers from the same company must be registered attendees to participate.

Submit a Standard Session Proposal

Snap Talk Proposal Requirements

Snap Talks are high-level, 15-minute talks on a very specific and narrow topic. Unlike traditional educational sessions that go deep into technical details, Snap Talks are designed to share ideas, a new perspective, or innovations, or to create awareness around an issue. Snap Talks are designed to be "listened to" without a lot of reading or note taking.

Snap Talks are limited to one speaker per talk and speakers must be registered for the Conference to give a Snap Talk. 

You must complete the form in one session, so make sure that you have all of the following required information ready to enter. If you leave the platform and come back later, you will have to start over.

  • Proposed Snap Talk title
  • Short (about 50 words) description of the Snap Talk content
  • 5 key attendee takeaways from the talk
  • Name, title, company, email address, and phone number of the proposed speaker

Submit a Snap Talk Proposal