Sacramento, CA | February 5–7, 2023

IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference (AgriCon)

Register today for the premier event focused on agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management. At IRMI AgriCon, you'll network with your colleagues, learn from industry experts, and take away practical tips and proven strategies for properly identifying and insuring farm and agribusiness exposures.


2019-4-16 IRMI Ag Sact, Nationwide (19)
2019-4-17 IRMI Agricon Sact (4)
2019-4-16 IRMI Ag Sact, Nationwide (2)

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend IRMI AgriCon

1) Trending Topics

Dig in to hot-button issues and emerging trends such as climate change, agritainment exposures, the impact of technology, and other need-to-know topics

2) Industry Influencers

IRMI AgriCon attracts top-tier speakers who are industry leaders and experts on agribusiness and farm risk management and insurance programs.

3) Innovative Solutions

Take away practical strategies you can apply to your trickiest farm and agribusiness risk management challenges and proven insurance program best practices.

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4) Renew or Pursue Your AFIS Certification

You can renew your Agribusiness Farm and Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) certification by attending 5 or more IRMI AgriCon sessions. Your $134 renewal fee is included with your Conference registration.

If you haven't earned your AFIS yet, you can get your certification on the fast track by attending instructor-led courses. All 5 AFIS core courses will be presented, and you have the opportunity to attend 2. You'll get a voucher for the online exam(s) - up to a $268 value included with your registration.

5) Earn State Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Earn up to 11 hours of CE credit in most states—at no additional cost— when you attend educational sessions at  IRMI AgriCon and comply with the attendance verification process,

Money Back Guarantee Seal

The No-Risk IRMI Conference Guarantee
If you attend this Conference and don't agree that the value of attending outweighs the registration fee, we will refund your registration fee upon request. 

Sponsor IRMI AgriCon 

IRMI AgriCon offers you an unparalleled opportunity to build your brand or reinforce your footprint in the agribusiness industry. Schedule a consultation with our Sponsor Success team and find out how you can reach your target audience at IRMI AgriCon.