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Austin & Stanovich Risk Managers, LLC
1174 Main St.
Holden , MA

William K. Austin


Mr. Austin writes on commercial property insurance policy and time element issues for

Mr. Austin is cofounder and principal of Austin & Stanovich (A&S) Risk Managers, LLC, a national provider of risk management and insurance advisory services. The firm has offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, specializing in all aspects of commercial insurance and risk management, providing risk management and insurance solutions, not insurance sales.

Mr. Austin's services include "rent-a-risk manager" outsourcing, program reviews, program structure assistance, and technical support to insurance agents and brokers. He is an expert witness providing litigation support in complex lawsuits in both state and federal courts with a specialty in property insurance, especially layered programs.

Mr. Austin has a career of increased responsibilities and different aspects of risk management that includes underwriting, brokerage, and risk management. Prior to cofounding A&S, he was vice president and corporate risk manager for FleetBoston, a Fortune 100 financial services corporation and seventh largest US bank. His career experiences provide him with a realistic and strategic view of risk management and the use of insurance. He is a frequent speaker and author on risk management and insurance topics.

Mr. Austin is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a bachelor of business administration degree. He is a licensed insurance consultant in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.

Business Insurance recognized as a "Notable" website in the category "Risk Management Information" in its "2003 Best of the Web" edition.