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MindForge Studios

Stokes McIntyre

Vice Chairman

Stokes McIntyre serves as vice chairman of International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), where he manages IRMI's video activities and sits on IRMI's Website Steering Committee. He also contributes to the Construction Communication/Technology column on

In addition, Mr. McIntyre is president and cofounder of MindForge, a holistic communication hub designed to unite construction organizations. The platform simplifies workforce communication and maximizes quality with tools that keep jobsites safe, efficient, and connected.

MindForge's research on systematic issues related to serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) on construction jobs confirms that critical information and education often do not reach field workers with construction teams that use inefficient or antiquated methods for communicating. This lack of communication combined with a deficiency in practical continuing education on safety and skills largely contributes to SIFs.

As president of MindForge, Mr. McIntyre's mission is to help construction contractors pursue zero: zero losses, zero defects, zero injuries, and zero lives lost. MindForge developed a technology platform to establish a jobsite communication network that delivers timely information and education to mobile devices in the field, equipping and empowering workers to avoid hazards and achieve performance excellence.