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12222 Merit Dr., Ste. 1600
Dallas , TX 75251

Stephanie Quinn

Content Operations Supervisor

Stephanie Quinn has worked at IRMI since 2015 in various positions within the content teams. With experience as a copy editor, content code creator, and publisher, she now operates as the content operations specialist and is a member of the content services organization (CSO).

Mrs. Quinn is responsible for providing documentation and training sessions for the content teams; learning her way around DITA XML and new software; and collaborating with the CSO to continually evolve the way IRMI optimizes, innovates, and improves the efficiency of their content for both the internal and external customer.

Prior to IRMI, Mrs. Quinn flew her way through her senior year of college as an intern at Southwest Airlines, and she began her career at  Thomson Reuters after graduation.

Mrs. Quinn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature with a certificate of technical writing from the University of North Texas. While (basically) born and raised in Texas, she’s an avid world traveler and adventurer who appreciates the balance between loving your work and loving your life.