Shahin Aftabizadeh

Shahin Aftabizadeh

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3000 E Main St Suite 291B
Columbus, OH 43209
(844) 846–0456


Shahin Aftabizadeh is the vice president and cofounder of MindForge, a subsidiary of the International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI). MindForge is a holistic communication hub designed to unite construction organizations. The platform simplifies workforce communication and maximizes quality with tools that keep jobsites safe, efficient, and connected, ultimately driving increased performance excellence. This technology equips and empowers workers to avoid hazards and do great work.

As a cultural anthropologist, Mr. Aftabizadeh specializes in user-centered product strategy with a focus on how technology enhances the relationship between team identity and performance excellence. With over 12 years of field experience, his work has ranged from studying technology used in wartime economies to overseeing research, development, and implementation of products in the defense, finance, and construction industries.

As vice president of MindForge, he oversees MindForge's efforts to identify and lead industry trends, conducts field research, and manages the overall success of product design, implementation, and adoption.