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Langlinais Fraud and Audit Advisory Services

Scott Langlinais, CPA

Mr. Langlinais, who writes on corporate fraud prevention for, has dedicated over 20 years of his career as a Certified Public Accountant to fraud detection and investigation. Audit and finance professionals around the world have invited him in-house to educate their staff about proper fraud detection, prevention, and response. Business leaders from emerging companies to Fortune 500s, across many industries, have asked him to assess their environment, perform diagnostic tests to detect symptoms of wrongdoing, and design strategies to help defend the organization's people, reputation, and assets. Mr. Langlinais has conducted investigations related to executive corruption, bribes and kickbacks, vendor overbilling and underperformance, and employee theft. He regularly reports his findings to boards of directors, has submitted his findings to law enforcement organizations such as the US Secret Service, and has testified in court.

Mr. Langlinais employs sophisticated data analysis techniques to sift through system transactions and seek indicators of fraud. Using such techniques, he has helped companies recover millions of dollars from wrongdoing such as intentional overpayments to vendors, unbilled revenues, and corruption.

He speaks regularly about his fraud detection and investigation at conferences hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditors, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, state auditors, and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

Prior to starting his own practice in 2003, Mr. Langlinais held public accounting and internal audit leadership positions and served as chief audit executive for a NASDAQ 100 software company.

He received a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Notre Dame.