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Robin Olson, CPCU, CRIS, ARM

Senior Research Analyst, IRMI

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International Risk Management Institute, Inc.
12222 Merit Drive, Suite 1600
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Rob Olson is the author and principal research analyst for IRMI's reference service, Personal Risk Management and Insurance. He was formerly the principal research analyst for Commercial Auto Insurance.

Mr. Olson contributes articles on personal lines insurance and risk management as well as auto risk management to the Expert Commentary section of

Mr. Olson earned a BA degree, cum laude, in economics and an MLA degree, both from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Associate in Automation Management (AAM), Associate in Research and Planning (ARP), Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) and Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS) designations. He has been recognized twice by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA) for his outstanding scholarly achievements in its programs. Mr. Olson is also an active member of the CPCU Society, having held a number of chairmanships and offices, including president of the Dallas Chapter. He is currently the chairman of the Personal Lines Interest Group.

In addition, Mr. Olson also serves as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas where he teaches risk management classes. Before joining IRMI in 1998, Mr. Olson was an underwriting manager for two national insurance companies where his experience encompassed both personal and commercial lines.

IRMI Publications

Articles on

Auto Risk Management

Senior Drivers and Insurance Concerns (October 2004)

Cell Phone Bans for Drivers: Wise Legislation? (May 2003)

Auto Manufacturer Parts versus After-Market Parts: A Question of Quality (November 2001)

Perceptual Diminished Value for Personal Autos (April 2001)

Technology Trends and Risk Control (September 2000)

Global Auto Programs See Growth (May 2000)

Attention to Details Reduces Loss Exposures (March 2000)

Personal Lines Insurance

Post-Katrina Turmoil: Insurance Solutions (June 2008)

Post-Katrina Turmoil: Insurance Challenges (May 2008)

Healthcare Debate at Benefits Selling Expo Proves Provocative (April 2007)

Insuring the Home-Based Business (Part 1) (May 2006)

Insuring the Home-Based Business (Part 2) (June 2006)

Insuring the Home-Based Business (Part 3) (July 2006)

Tenants' Misconceptions Abound Regarding Contents Insurance(January 2004)

Wedding Insurance: A Savvy Purchase? (March 2003)

Insurance Tips for Homeowners (October 2002)

Trouble Brews: Insuring Synthetic Stucco Homes (July 2002)

Credit-Based Insurance Scoring: A Simmering Debate (March 2002)

Indoor Air Quality: No Easy Answers (May 2001)

Personal Risk Management

Identity Theft: A Personal Risk Management Approach (Part 1) (July 2005)

Identity Theft: A Personal Risk Management Approach (Part 2) (August 2005)

Identity Theft: A Personal Risk Management Approach (Part 3) (September 2005)

Senior Drivers and Insurance Concerns (October 2004)

Family Disaster Planning—Ten Key Ingredients (September 2003)

Cell Phone Bans for Drivers: Wise Legislation? (May 2003)

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