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Michael Orlando's column on maritime law presents the basics for a general understanding of the application of admiralty and maritime law.

Since becoming licensed to practice law in May 1982, Mr. Orlando has practiced maritime law, representing many different maritime interests in a broad spectrum of transactions and claims, in venues throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast. His clients have included ship owners, charterers, agents, stevedores, terminal operators, cargo owners, insurers, a wide variety of marine service and supply companies, financial institutions, and many others involved in maritime commerce.

Mr. Orlando has represented many Lloyd's underwriters and foreign insurers, Fortune 500 companies, and business interests of all sizes, as well as individuals involved with the maritime community. He is board certified in both civil pretrial practice and civil trial advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and has tried cases throughout Texas in federal and state courts as well as in administrative tribunals. He is also an adjunct professor teaching pretrial litigation at the University of Houston Law School. His litigation experience includes being lead counsel in a case involving over $100 million in alleged damages from inception through oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Orlando has been the chairman of the Board of Directors and head of the Executive Committee of the nonprofit Houston International Seafarers Center, known throughout the world as one of the finest centers for visiting seaman. He is an active member of the Propeller Club of the United States and the Houston Mariners Club, in which he served as chairman in 1991. He was also the chairman of The Houston Port Safety Advisory Council in 1992.

Mr. Orlando has been member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States since 1982. He is a Proctor member of that organization and presently serves on the Marine Insurance Committee as well as the Offshore Industries Committee. He has written and lectured extensively on marine and insurance topics. In addition, Mr. Orlando has been the chair of the American Bar Association, Tort and Insurance Practice Section, Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee and the Corporate Counsel Committee. He also served as the chair of the International/London Market Committee of the State Bar of Texas, Insurance Law Section. He is also a member of the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel of DRI.

Mr. Orlando is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, with a degree in Honors Business Program and Finance and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Houston Law Center.

Expert Commentary

Date Article
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Jul 2020 Safe-Berth Clause in Vessel Charter Agreements
Mar 2020 What Constitutes a "Prevailing Party" in a Maritime Contract Dispute?
Aug 2019 Summer in the Supreme Court: 2019 Maritime Update
Apr 2019 US Supreme Court Expands Maritime Products Liability Duty To Warn
Nov 2018 Shell Offshore v. Tesla Offshore: Questions of Towing
Aug 2018 Fifth Circuit Applies Its Simplified Maritime Contract Test
Feb 2018 Streamlining the Maritime Contract Test
Dec 2017 Two OPA Issues of First Impression Equal One Costly Result
Jun 2017 Coverage Exists for Master Services Contract Reformed Midlitigation
Mar 2017 Service Performed with Crane Barge Is a Maritime Contract
Oct 2016 Unusual Attorney Fee Award in Maritime Allision Case
Apr 2016 P&I Policy No Catchall for Marine Liability*
Apr 2016 Federal Maritime Jurisprudence Presents Ambiguity
Dec 2015 Oil Pollution Case Requires Strict Statute Construction
Oct 2015 Past, Present, and Future Employment Determines Seaman Status*
Apr 2015 The Continuing Ripple Effects of Atlantic Sounding v. Townsend*
Mar 2015 In re Deepwater Horizon: Additional Insured Questions Resolved*
Oct 2014 Historical Context of Maritime Law Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Aug 2013 Strict Construction of Master Service Agreements in an Oilfield/Maritime Context
Mar 2013 In Re: Deepwater Horizon
Feb 2013 Supreme Court Casts Shade on Bright Line Test for Vessel Status
Apr 2012 Pacific Operators Offshore LLP v. Valladolid
Jan 2012 One Beacon v. Crowley Marine
Jul 2011 No Sea Change in Causation Standards under the Jones Act
Sep 2010 US Supreme Court Constricts Carmack Amendment
Mar 2010 Clearing the Muddy Waters of Offshore Contractual Indemnity Disputes: Implications of Grand Isle v. Seacor*
Nov 2009 Significant Narrowing of Rule B Attachments
Sep 2009 Supreme Court Declares Punitive Damages Available for Maintenance and Cure Claim*
Jan 2009 Choice-of-Law Clauses in Marine Cargo Insurance Policy
Jul 2008 Consistent Dispute Resolute Clauses Needed in Maritime Contracts
Jan 2008 Spill Fund Reimbursement Allowed because of Willful Misconduct
Aug 2007 Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split on
Feb 2007 Room for Debate on Proximate Cause versus Relaxed Standard of Causation in a Jones Act Context
Aug 2006 OCSLA Trumps Admiralty Jurisdiction
Feb 2006 A New Arrow in the Jones Act Employer's Quiver
Aug 2005 ADA Applies to Foreign-Flag Cruise Ships—In Theory
May 2005 Taking Some Teeth Out of the Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity Statute
Mar 2005 Supreme Court Rules a Dredge Is a Jones Act Vessel
Nov 2004 Enforcement of Federal Law on Foreign-Flagged Ships in U.S. Waters
Feb 2004 Circuit Split Widens over Exculpatory Clauses in Maritime Contracts:
Sep 2003 A Textbook Case:
Jun 2003 A Lien Is a Lien Is a Lien, but a Maritime Lien Is Not
Jan 2003 Maritime Pollution: Mixing OPA and CERCLA Makes for Foul Waters
Aug 2002 OSHA Takes a Dip in the Sea:
Jun 2002 The Difficulty and Confusion Surrounding Removing Maritime Cases to Federal Court
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Nov 2001 A Vessel Doesn't Have To Be a Criminal To Be Arrested: In Rem Admiralty Jurisdiction and the Supplemental Rules
May 2001 Admiralty Jurisdiction: A Challenge for Even the
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