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Larry Schiffer

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Larry Schiffer contributes articles on reinsurance issues to

He is a member of the American Bar Association's Tort, Trial, and Insurance Practice Section, where he was chair of the Excess, Reinsurance, and Surplus Lines Committee and presently is technology vice chair of that committee. Mr. Schiffer is also chair-elect of the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee. He was chair of the New York State Bar Association Committee on Association Insurance Programs for 9 years and is editor of the ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly and a member of the Ethics Committee of ARIAS•U.S.  He is the editor of the Squire Patton Boggs quarterly Reinsurance Newsletter and the Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes Blog.

He has been recognized by Chambers USA, Insurance: Dispute Resolution; The Best Lawyers in America for Insurance Law; Expert Guides: Insurance and Reinsurance; Expert Guides:  Best of the Best; the International Who's Who of Insurance and Reinsurance Lawyers; Legal 500, Leading Lawyers—Reinsurance—Legal 500 Hall of Fame; and Super Lawyers.

Mr. Schiffer has lectured and been published on insurance and reinsurance litigation and other insurance topics. He edits the Squire Patton Boggs Reinsurance Newsletter and His recent published articles include the following.

  • “In the Beginning: Reflections on the Birth of ARIAS•U.S.,” The ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly, 4th Quarter, 2019, December 2019
  • “Ensuring the Enforceability of an Arbitration Provision That Does Not Designate an Arbitral Forum,” The ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly, 4th Quarter, 2019, December 2019, co-author
  • “Chapter 15, Reinsurance,” Insurance Law Practice, Third Edition, John M. Nonna et al. eds., New York State Bar Association, 2019
  • "A Brief Review of Reinsurance Trends in 2018," Westlaw Journal, Insurance Coverage, March 22, 2019, coauthor
“When Interpreting Insurance and Reinsurance Contracts Under New York Law, Don't Presume Anything,” Euromoney Best of the Best USA, March 20, 2018

Mr. Schiffer received his juris doctor from the Albany Law School of Union University, where he graduated cum laude and was a member of the Albany Law Review and the Justinian Society. He received his bachelor of arts and graduated magna cum laude from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

Mr. Schiffer practices in the areas of commercial, insurance, and reinsurance litigation, arbitration, and mediation, including matters concerning insurance insolvency and run-off. He also advises on insurance and reinsurance coverage and contract wording matters. He serves as a mediator for the mandatory commercial mediation program of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York and for the New York Supreme Court Commercial Division, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. He is active in raising funds to unlock the cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as part of the Wings over Wall Street Event Committee.

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