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Kimberly George

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, M&A, Health Care

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Kimberly George writes on workers compensation issues for

Ms. George is a senior vice president who works in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, and health care at Sedgwick. She explores and works to improve Sedgwick's understanding of how healthcare reform affects its business models and product and service offerings. Ms. George previously served as Sedgwick's managed care practice lead. She joined Sedgwick in 2001, overseeing integrated disability medical programs and case management services.

Prior to joining Sedgwick, Ms. George worked as a consultant within the 24-hour health and integrated disability management arena. She also held a leadership position with a large national managed care organization's case management division. Her career has focused on creating health and productivity programs for employers, impacting quality and cost of risk.  Ms. George has been a registered nurse for 20 years. Although she began her career as a neuro-trauma nurse, she quickly transitioned to the insurance and benefits arena. Her experience in the cost-containment field spans nearly 20 years. Ms. George's roles in the property and casualty field include product development, national telephonic case management and utilization review oversight, and integrated disability management, as well as her previous position with Sedgwick as a managed care practice lead. Her insurance background includes workers compensation, short- and long-term disability, auto, liability, professional liability, longshore, and total absence management.

Ms. George is a presenter and frequent speaker at national conferences and events. She is often featured in industry journals and publications and is a highly regarded authority in the managed care and workers compensation arena.

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