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Kenneth A. Slavens

Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP

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Husch Blackwell LLP
190 Carondelet Plaza, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: (314) 345-6419


Ken Slavens contributes articles on design liability to

Mr. Slavens is a partner in the St. Louis office of the law firm of Husch Blackwell LLP. He represents architects, engineers, owners, and contractors in construction disputes over alleged defective design and construction, delays, cost overruns, interference, obstruction, property damage, and suspension of work. He litigates claims arising from injuries on project sites or from defective construction. His substantial experience also includes related civil litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Mr. Slavens received his bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in Political Science and his juris doctor, cum laude, from the St. Louis University School of Law.

Expert Commentary

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