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James R. Mahurin, CPCU, ARM

Risk Management and Insurance Consultant

Mr. Mahurin writes the inferior insurance product column for

Mr. Mahurin provides fee-based risk management and insurance consulting services to the insurance buyer and provides litigation support and expert witness services to law firms. His risk management consulting work has included projects in approximately 20 states, geographically from Alaska to Florida and Maine to Oregon. His litigation work totals more than 80 cases in both state and federal courts from New York to Louisiana.

Mr. Mahurin's consulting work includes contractors, developers, commercial property owners, hospitals, financial institutions, colleges, mines, jewelers, cities, counties, public authorities, airports, manufacturers, national labor unions, dredging operations, national issue advocacy organizations, investment management organizations, an interstate toll highway, petroleum dealers, oil field service contractors,  maritime oil spill response organizations, utilities, destination hotels, truckers, large farms, a pollution remediation fund, private communities, condominiums, etc.

Mr. Mahurin has extensive experience related to flood issues, having been actively involved in flood risk and flood insurance since 1974. He is intimately familiar with the National Flood Insurance Program and excess flood insurance provided by the private insurance market. A significant percentage of his litigation experience has involved flood issues.

A separate area with long-term and significant experience, in both consulting and litigation, is commercial general liability (CGL) coverage. Mr. Mahurin delivered the 6-hour seminars introducing the 1986 CGL policy to the industry in 3 states. The CGL topic includes substantial litigation work.

He also delivers seminars on a variety of risk and insurance issues. The topics include risk management strategies, CGL, flood risk, property leases, public entities, etc.

Mr. Mahurin is a past president of the Society of Risk Management Consultants and a past president of two different state chapters of the Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). He is a master gardener, holds a Certificate in Native Plants, and is interested in botany, entomology, and landscaping.


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