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James Macdonald

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JW Macdonald Associates, LLC
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Jim Macdonald writes articles on Terrorism Risk Management & Insurance for

Since mid-2006, Mr. Macdonald has been engaged full-time as a consultant, writer, and research analyst of the insurance and reinsurance markets. Since beginning his underwriting career in 1971, he has developed a broad range of experience as a reinsurer, insurer, consultant, broker, and managing general agent (MGA).  His two main consulting specialties are as an expert witness or arbitrator in disputes related to commercial insurance or reinsurance matters, and in providing strategic services such as performing due diligence assessments on possible acquisition targets for investment bankers, and performing underwriting reviews for insurers or reinsurers.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Macdonald has become a well-known thought leader in the insurance industry, authoring dozens of articles and presentations on issues ranging from the impact of managed care on medical malpractice to the need for state regulatory reform to improve insurer solvency. Recent presentations include the NAIC and IAIR conventions in Colorado in March 2010, as well as a special session to Wharton graduate students on the challenge of underwriting terrorism risk in the aftermath of 9/11.

Notable publications include: "Medical Malpractice: A Prescription for Chaos" published by Conning & Company in 2001, and "Terrorism & Insurance: Are We Asking the Right Questions?" published by the John Liner Review in 2004. Most recently, he coauthored a major report for the state of California assessing the reasons for workers compensation insurer insolvencies between 2000–2003. In late 2009, he also authored new chapters on reinsurance for IRMI's Risk Financing publication.