Donald Riggin

Donald J. Riggin

Former CEO, The ART of Captives LLC

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Don Riggin wrote articles on the topic of captives and risk finance for

Mr. Riggin was the CEO of The ART of Captives, LLC, a consultancy specializing in alternative risk financing techniques. He also provided corporate and public sector clients with state-of-the-art risk financing advice and services. These included captive and self-insurance feasibility analysis, alternative risk transfer facility implementation and review services, and a wide spectrum of risk financing solutions.

Mr. Riggin's previous experience included P&C risk financing practice leader at Spring Consulting Group, a Boston-based risk consultancy. He was managing director of product development at Liberty Mutual Alternative Markets and had more than 25 years of experience creating alternative risk financing structures as a broker and consultant.

Mr. Riggin was an accomplished author and speaker. He wrote and edited IRMI's Risk Financing, a quarterly reference service published by the International Risk Management Institute, Inc., in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Riggin also wrote and edited Financing Risk & Reinsurance, a monthly journal devoted to enterprise risk management, financial reinsurance, and the convergence of the insurance and capital markets. FRR was also published by IRMI. Mr. Riggin was a frequent speaker at industry events such as the RIMS Annual Conference and Exhibition, the Captive Insurance Companies Association annual conference, and the World Captive Forum.

Mr. Riggin held a bachelor of science degree from Towson University, as well as the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and the Associate in Risk Management professional designations. Mr. Riggin passed away in March 2018.

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