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Everstream Analytics

David J. Shillingford


Mr. Shillingford writes about equipment theft prevention for

Mr. Shillingford is CEO at Everstream Analytics. He was formerly the president of Verisk Crime Analytics, a division of Verisk Analytics [NASDAQ: VRSK] that helps insurers and their policyholders predict, plan for, and respond to property crimes. At the core of Verisk Crime Analytics are national crime databases in the construction, supply chain, retail, and banking industries.

After serving as a captain in the British Airborne forces, Mr. Shillingford managed North American operations for the Art Loss Register, an international database of stolen art. He founded the National Equipment Register in 2001, which was acquired by Verisk in 2007. He has since led the launch of CargoNet, two acquisitions focused on loss prevention solutions for retailers and international expansion of the division.

Mr. Shillingford has been published in national insurance and risk management publications, has been quoted in many national and international newspapers, and appeared as a commentator on NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN. He is an active member of many organizations including the Inland Marine Underwriters Association, the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police and has won insurance and other industry awards for these activities. He holds an honors degree in chemistry from Exeter University in the United Kingdom.